Spider-Man Marvel Deal: What Needs To Happen, And What Doesn’t?

The Spider-Man/Marvel deal may change a few release dates for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it’s for a good reason. The timing is almost perfect for Sony and Marvel to come to the agreement to let the friendly neighborhood web-slinger join – or at least help – the Avengers in the cinema.

The question is not whether this is a good idea, but rather what needs to be done after two attempts to make a successful Spider-Man movie series. For those not familiar with the source material, Peter Parker has a major role in the “Civil War” comic book story arc and having him part of it is necessity to please the fan base in the upcoming films. But some things definitely don’t need to be done this time.

We don’t need to see Uncle Ben’s death again. Sony did that twice already, and if Spider-Man isn’t getting a solo outing with Marvel, we can skip that scene and maybe refer to it later. Perhaps after Iron Man builds him the special high-tech suit, Tony will say he understands it’s not an easy decision after Ben’s death, but it’s necessary to unmask publicly and show Hydra he’s not a threat.

For a special gag, we might see a cameo from J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson saying something derogatory just as a nod to Sony’s original franchise. I doubt it, but it’s possible.

Something else we don’t need to see again after the Spider-Man Marvel deal is another Green Goblin. He is an iconic villain for the web-slinger, but we’ve seen the guy twice.

Going back to the high-tech suit, I know Peter Parker will need to get used to it, but we don’t need another long-winded sequence about it. As a variation away from the comics, we could see Peter Parker about to unmask, and then change his mind and try to escape to help Captain America. At this point, Spider-Man’s suit could turn on him and force him to take it off anyway just to avoid Iron Man’s trap.

Something else I think we should see, due to the Spider-Man/Marvel deal, is Spider-Man be more of a jokester behind the mask to counter 20th Century Fox’s highly anticipated Deadpool movie. The two are almost the same character costume-wise, and if Marvel had their own equivalent without going all the way, Deadpool would have some competition and a greater reason to give us the character we’ve been waiting for.

To reiterate, after the Spider-Man Marvel deal, there are things we don’t need to see again as Captain America: Civil War hits, and others that would definitely add a new touch.

[Image via Schmoes Know]