When in Borneo, be sure to check out the 100ft Borneo Snake Monster

A giant, 100ft (30m) long water snake known as the “Borneo Monster” has allegedly been photographed not once, but twice.

According to local legend, the Borneo Monster (locally known as a Nabau) is a terrifying snake over 100ft in length and with a dragon’s head and seven nostrils.

The two pictures show the giant snake at two angles. The first shows the snake swimming down a remote river and was taken from a helicopter. The second shows the Borneo Monster near a remote village.

Like most so-called monster discoveries, the debate centers around whether the pics are real, or photoshopped. LiveScience notes that the source of the photos was not disclosed, a sure sign of a scam. The Daily Mail quotes The Straights Times where the photos first emerged, where readers suggested that the shots are photoshopped, or show respectively a speed boat, and a log.

They’re unlikely to be legit, but you can be the judge.