Samuel L. Jackson Comments On The Marvel And DC Competition

It’s a rivalry as old time itself. Where do your loyalties lie? With Marvel or with DC? The decades-old question transitioned easily into the 21st century the very moment Marvel opened up its cinematic universe. Since its launch in 2008, fans worldwide have wondered how DC’s rebuttal to this would fare. After one failed attempt to jumpstart the world with Green Lantern, DC finally seems to be on its way to establishing its own shared universe. But how will it ultimately turn out? We likely won’t fully know until the second or third film in the series, but that doesn’t stop people from throwing in their two cents on the matter.

In an interview with MTV News, Samuel L. Jackson, who plays the role of Nick Fury in the Marvel films, discussed Marvel’s success in Hollywood (via Screen Rant).

“The Marvel Universe is huge. There’s thousands of characters that they can access and use and do stuff with. I’m not surprised by that. It’s been that way since we started reading comic books. Most of us that understand the comic book world know you can crossbreed and do all kinds of stuff…. I think Marvel has figured out a way to make those movies accessible to the public that DC hasn’t. I don’t know what that is. I don’t why you can’t get Batman and Superman together and have people as juiced up to be a part of that.”

It’s an interesting comment from Jackson, though perhaps an uninformed one. As mentioned earlier, DC did attempt to start up their shared universe with the Green Lantern, but that film contained no interweaving elements from any other DC superheroes. The upcoming Batman v Superman film will be DC’s first real crack at establishing a shared universe (though it’s not unreasonable to say that Man of Steel had its easter eggs, even though it didn’t have any other superheroes), and anticipation for that flick is through the roof. People are undoubtedly juiced up to see those two go head-to-head.

Batman V Superman
Will 'Batman V Superman' live up to its hype and successfully kick off the DC Cinematic Universe?

All that being said, Jackson did have a point when he said that Marvel has figured a way to make the films accessible, and that is an undeniable fact. How has the studio managed to make 10 films so far without the entire thing collapsing under its own weight? It’s a definite problem they’ve managed to avoid, and with the different route DC is taking with their universe, will it be one they can avoid as well?

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