‘Batman V Superman’ To Contain Epic ‘Standalone’ Sequence From Weta

When Man Of Steel was released in 2013, the film was met with largely mixed reviews. Despite what critics had to say about the execution of the story, however, its visual effects were almost universally praised –most notably the scenes on Krypton, where a completely unique-yet-believable world was portrayed.

These scenes were done by Weta, the world renowned visual effects house. Ever since the Lord Of The Rings trilogy rolled out its release in 2001, Weta has been renowned as one of the go-to places for quality visual effects. Given the quality of their work, it is no surprise they are making a return to DC-land in the upcoming Batman V Superman film, directed by Zack Snyder.

This memorable Krypton sequence from ‘Man Of Steel’ was created by Weta Digital

In an interview with Collider, visual effects supervisor Joe Letteri teased an important scene in Batman V. Superman that Weta is working on.

“The sequence that we’re doing is sort of self-contained, and I don’t think you would’ve seen any of that yet… I can’t really give any away, but it is a standalone sequence and I think you’ll be able to pick it out when you do see it.”

So what can this scene possibly be? He did specify in the interview that they did not do work on the footage shown at San Diego Comic Con last year, which is described as follows by Screen Rant.

“The Batman V Superman teaser footage shown at the event began with Affleck’s Caped Crusader standing atop a Gotham rooftop on a rainy night; his eyes then light up solid white, before he removes a tarp and reveals the Batsignal underneath. Following that, the camera track up towards the sky, revealing Cavill’s Superman hovering in the spotlight; he looks extremely angry, as his eyes light up red, preparing to fire his heat vision. Cue the film’s official logo.”

Without knowing the exact details of the story for Batman V Superman, it is difficult to speculate what type of sequence we can expect from Weta. However, noting that the sequence will be largely “standalone,” does this mean it will largely be in line with the Krypton sequences from the most recent Superman flick, in that it will largely have little to do with the overall plot? Not necessarily.

Cinema Blend notes that one of the other scenes Weta worked on (along with Industrial Light & Magic) was the iconic Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America sequence in The Avengers. That scene largely stood on its own and could be picked out as notable in the film. Perhaps a showdown between Batman and Superman is what they have in store for us.

Avengers Scene
This scene from ‘The Avengers’ was worked on by both Weta Digital and Industrial Light & Magic

What kind of scene would you like Weta to do for Batman V Superman? Let us know below.

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