Mother-Of-Four Shot In Head During Road Rage Incident While Teaching Teenage Daughter To Drive

A mother-of-four was shot in the head during a road rage incident and is now on life support and not expected to live. The family says the mother, Tammy Meyers, had taken her 14-year-old daughter for driving lessons in a school parking lot just before the altercation began.

Local news station KSNV reports that Tammy Meyers had spent the evening with her 14-year-old teenage daughter in the school parking lot giving her driving lessons. However, on the way home from the driving lessons, Tammy nearly collided with another vehicle. According to NBC News, Tammy and the male driver of the other vehicle had a verbal confrontation before Tammy drove off towards her Las Vegas home to seek help from her 23-year-old son.

“She drove her daughter home to summon help from her 23-year-old son — but was followed home.”

Tammy and her teenage daughter made it to their home where her adult son was waiting for them. However, shortly after they arrived, the road rager appeared and fired shots at the family. One of the bullets struck Tammy in the head. The 23-year-old son pursued the vehicle, firing shots with a handgun he legally carried but was unable to stop the shooters.

The Las Vegas Police Department released a brief press statement regarding the incident and say they currently do not have a description of the shooter or vehicle. They note that the investigation is active and open.

“As of this release, no suspect or suspects have been identified and there is no definitive description of the suspect vehicle. At this juncture, this is an active, open investigation. The release of any further information may jeopardize detectives’ ability to solve the case and arrest those involved.”

Tammy’s family is in shock following the horrific ordeal. Tammy’s husband Robert Meyers told KSNV that is is still holding out hope for a miracle. However, the prognosis looks grim, and Tammy is not expected to survive her injuries. Robert says that Tammy is currently on a life support machine, and if her condition does not improve within the next 48 hours, the doctors will turn off the machine.

Robert has a message for whoever did this to his wife.

“I love her. She was a good woman and she didn’t deserve this. All she’s ever done is help people. My word to them is I hope the cops find them first and it’s not me. I have four kids. I just want to let you suspects know you took a mom away.”