UFO 'Flash' Spotted Near Space Station In NASA Video Feed — ISS Becoming Hub Of UFO Sightings

Jonathan Vankin

A prolific UFO hunter believes that he has spotted yet another mysterious object floating near the International Space Station, posting an excerpt of the NASA video feed from the ISS on YouTube early in the morning of February 13. But what does this video excerpt show?

The YouTube poster Streetcap1, who maintains one of the video site's most active UFO spotting accounts, calls the strange phenomenon a "flash" that occurs somewhere near the space station. Take a look at the video above, or the images below, and decide for yourself. Is this a genuine UFO, or just another example of the current craze for spotting odd occurrences in the NASA space station video feed?

The video contains the NASA feed as it actually appears for those who tune in to live ISS stream — which you, too, can do by clicking on this link.

But in the estimation of Streetcap1, a strange "flash" shows up in the far left of this frame from the NASA live webcast.

UFO Flash in NASA Space Station video close up

The YouTube video then zooms in on the UFO anomaly.

UFO Flash in NASA Space Station video

Is there an explanation for this seemingly random light in space that blinks on then simply disappears? One thing is certain. The latest UFO "flash" is just one more in what has recently been a long series of UFO sightings taken from the NASA ISS live feed. Either something very strange is going on in space, about 275 miles above our planet's surface — or our UFO watchers have highly active imaginations and are simply concocting the most far-fetched explanations possible to otherwise routine occurrences.

"Whether NASA likes it or not, ISS is increasingly becoming a real focus for UFO hunters," wrote Huffington Post scribe Michael Rundle in January. "why do UFO hunters keep claiming that ISS is more than it appears - even though, as almost everyone knows, this is largely a huge waste of everyone's time?"

The Inquisitr coverage of that "event" can be read by clicking on this link.

"The amount of footage being streamed constantly from ISS means that something with some imperfection is almost always going to turn up somewhere in a week's worth of video," write Rundle. "If you look hard enough, you'll find a bright object in the background, just as you would if it was live-streamed video of any other dark area."

[TOP IMAGE: NASA Handout/Getty Images]

[INTERIOR IMAGES: YouTube Video Capture]