Woman Takes Down Armed Carjacker: Protective Mom Roughs Up Carjacking Suspect [Video]

In North Dallas on Wednesday, a woman took down an armed carjacker after her van was hit by the vehicle he was speeding in. The whole thing is captured on video, as seen below. Jessica Leismann fearlessly confronted the out-of-control criminal and roughed him up before police took over.

Star Telegram reports that carjacker Artari Alexander was driving a stolen Dodge Challenger as police were pursuing him. The high-speed chase started at Haskell and East R.L. Thornton Freeway and lasted around 20 minutes until they got to a red light at the intersection of Brams Road and Walnut Hill Lane. The carjacker was still speeding when he crashed into a minivan stopped at the red light.

Jessica Leismann was in the van with her boyfriend, Charles Cook, and her son, T.J. Leismann. Within seconds, Jessica got out of the minivan and angrily confronted Alexander. The upset mom yelled at the carjacker then opened the door and forces him out of the Challenger. Cook helped his girlfriend tackle him to the ground until police arrived. Leismann can be seen hitting the suspect several times.

Cook explains how this protective mom confronted the carjacker after he hit their minivan.

"She was yelling at the dude, 'Look what you did to my car! Look what you did to my car!' And I could hear him saying, 'Just let me go, let me go!' And she was like, 'No, you're not going nowhere! Look what you just did to my car!'"

In an NBC 5 News report, Leismann shares what happened and what she said to Alexander after he crashed into their vehicle.

"I saw him come behind me and hit me. I turned around and asked my son, 'Are you okay?' and he was like 'Yeah' - so I jumped out the car and was like, 'What the hell is wrong with you? You're in a school zone. What are you thinking?' He didn't say anything."

As for Leismann's 13-year-old son, T.J., he came out of it uninjured. He tells the news source that he felt like he died.

"My mom, she did put him in his place, and I'm glad that he's in jail 'cause, to be honest, when I was in the car, I thought I died."

T.J. was taken to the hospital as a precaution then released.

Jessica Leismann said she recently lost one son on the second day of school. This car crash was especially scary for her because her son could've been killed due to a reckless driver.

Alexander will face charges of aggravated robbery and hit-and-run, according to a Dallas police spokesman.

The carjacking ended without anyone getting hurt. Many consider this woman who confronted the carjacker a real hero.

[Image via NBC 5 News screenshot]