Andi Dorfman Talks ‘Bachelorette’ Split With Josh Murray: What Can Fans Expect?

Bachelorette stars Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray fell in love last year on the show, got engaged, and sadly split in early January. Now, Dorfman is going to open up about the split in a special episode of The Bachelor airing on ABC on Sunday. What can fans expect from Andi’s segment? Host Chris Harrison shares some scoop.

Fans know that this special is touted as a “Chris Tells All,” where Bachelor Chris Soules will share insight on this season. Recently eliminated contestant Kelsey Poe will be chatting with Harrison about her experience, and this is also the show where ABC will air Andi’s recent sit-down too. Harrison tells E! Online that Andi speaks candidly about her break-up with Josh, and fans will be curious to see what she says.

Harrison says of Andi,

“She was heartbroken, and it was rough, and it’s a brutal interview, but I was really proud of her.”

There have already been some rumors that ABC is considering giving Dorfman another shot at love by making her The Bachelorette 2015 lead this spring. Harrison says that while he loves Andi to death, he doesn’t think she would do it again and they’ve had no discussions about the possibility. He adds that she really is heartbroken right now, so it would probably be a tough sell for an audience that she’s ready to look for love again just a couple of months after the split with Murray even if she were interested.

The Bachelorette host adds that he would have “bet my house and everything that they would make it” at the time Andi and Josh got engaged during filming. He says that he wanted to believe in them, and that viewers will see that she wanted to believe in it too.

Chris says that fans will see that

“she couldn’t have been happier and she couldn’t have believed more in her heart that she would never ever have to date or see another man ever again. But then it didn’t work.”

Supposedly Chris and Andi will truly get to the bottom of just what went wrong. The chat is said by Harrison to be a “really good kind of open, tell-all interview from her.”

That said, fans have already noticed that there has been no mention of Josh Murray participating. Was he asked? Did he get an opportunity to share his viewpoint to keep things balanced? So far the answer to that question remains unknown. Fans hope to get some insight about that, as so far Murray hasn’t said a thing via his social media pages about Andi’s interview.

Tune in to the “Chris Tells All” special episode of The Bachelor 2015 season airing on Sunday, February 15 to see just what Chris Soules, Kelsey Poe, and Andi Dorfman have to say to Chris Harrison. Then viewers will see the final six ladies have dates in Iowa on Sunday, and the hometown dates on Monday.

[Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images]