Andi Dorfman As ‘Bachelorette’ 2015 Season Lead? Insiders Claim She’s A Frontrunner

Even though ABC’s The Bachelorette 2015 doesn’t start filming until March, people are buzzing about which lady will be handing out roses. There have been a lot of names tossed into the mix, and now some outlets are stirring the pot with another possibility. Could Andi Dorfman lead the next season again?

Throughout The Bachelor 2015 season with Chris Soules, editing and Reality Steve’s spoilers have pointed toward Britt Nilsson as the most likely candidate. However, the editing in this last episode raised many eyebrows. Reality Steve now says he’s not absolutely convinced it’ll be Britt after all, but he’s not seeing any other strong possibilities from Soules’ season.

If the spot does go to somebody on The Bachelor 2015 season, it surely will be someone in the top six, not someone eliminated earlier. As previously noted by the Inquisitr, there are arguments against everybody in that group at this point, however. Reality Steve says he just doesn’t see it going to anybody in the top six outside of Britt, and it’s sounding even less likely it’s her.

According to E! Online, Andi Dorfman is now “reportedly the frontrunner” to be the Bachelorette 2015 lead. They listed a handful of ladies and ranked their likelihood to get the gig, and noted Britt, Carly Waddell, Kaitlyn Bristowe, and Juelia Kinney as strong contenders.

The site claims that insiders say Andi is a “top five contender for casting” of the next season, and that the cast and crew loved her. Of course, Andi is theoretically available, since she and Josh Murray recently split and had a bit of a spat on Twitter. However, would the show really go with the same lead in back-to-back seasons?

Reality Steve’s spoilers and latest tidbits would indicate that he thinks that’s a resounding “no.” Readers point out that Brad Womack led two seasons and Emily Maynard was brought back as a lead after splitting with her Bachelor guy, and other fans will point to Jen Schefft as having been in a similar situation.

Despite that, Steve says, “They will never make Andi the ‘Bachelorette’ in back-to-back seasons. Nor will she ever be asked again.”

While it’s certainly feasible that the show may try to get Andi to join in on the fun for Bachelor in Paradise, for example, it doesn’t seem all that realistic to think she’ll get a second Bachelorette gig.

If it’s not Andi, Carly, Britt, or Jade, who is in the lead to get the gig? At this point, nobody seems sure, not even Reality Steve. Talk has definitely turned to others from the franchise, which is a possibility. Could it be someone like Tenley Molzahn, Michelle Money, Nikki Ferrell, Claire Crawley, or Sarah Herron? As Steve points out, the show hasn’t gone with an unknown person in many, many seasons, and it seems unlikely they’ll start now, so looking at existing franchise possibilities makes the most sense.

Chances are that this will remain a mystery at least for a bit yet. It all may hinge on the filming of the “Women Tell All” special, which Reality Steve’s spoilers say is slated to take place on February 21. This is where Juan Pablo Galavis really popped up as a sudden Bachelor possibility during his “Men Tell All” special for Desiree Hartsock’s season of The Bachelorette.

Viewers will want to pay close attention to not only which ladies get a lot of time in the “hot seat” during the “WTA,” but which former cast members are mentioned or featured in the audience, if any. Ultimately, the gig may well go to Nilsson as she has seemed to be the frontrunner, but there is definitely a lot of doubt about that one now, and for good reason given the editing of her lately.

Would viewers tune in to watch Andi Dorfman as The Bachelorette 2015 lead? That seems a risky choice, and probably unlikely, and for now fans will have to tune in and see where producers seem to head on this one.