Spoilers For ‘The Bachelor’ 2015 Season: Chris Soules’ Final 6 Ladies Revealed By Reality Steve

Chris Soules has a great group of bachelorettes to choose from on ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season. Viewers have already seen that he started out with a larger-than-normal group of 30 ladies, and he’s already got a couple of frontrunners. Reality Steve’s spoilers have dished out details on which ladies are the last six standing and fans are anxious to see if he’s right.

According to Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers, Chris Soules will take six bachelorettes to Des Moines, Iowa, for the last dates before the hometowns. Steve says that those ladies are Carly Waddell, Britt Nilsson, Jade Roper, Kaitlyn Bristowe, Becca Tilley and Whitney Bischoff.

Viewers have already seen sparks flying between Chris and both Kaitlyn and Britt. During Episode 2, Whitney made her presence known as well, popping up with Soules’ favorite whiskey during the cocktail party. Bachelor viewers have seen bits of Becca, Jade, and Carly, but obviously there will be more to come yet with them if they make enough of an impression to stick around until the final six.

What happens in Des Moines? As the Des Moines Register noted during filming, Chris took in a football game at his alma mater on one date and Bachelor spoilers broke down some of the dates and spottings in town.

Chris and Britt are obviously quite attracted to one another, and Reality Steve’s spoilers have indicated that Britt gets a group date rose in the episode prior to the final six. However, once she’s in Des Moines, she apparently bows out.

How does Nilsson go from being probably the top pick of Chris’ in the first couple of episodes to eliminating herself prior to hometowns? It seems that she will have a one-on-one date in Des Moines, but at some point she decides to go home and says she feels that some of the other gals are a better match for Soules. Could it be that she decides she’s not cut out for a life in Iowa?

Britt is seen sobbing in some previews for this Bachelor 2015 season, and Steve says he thinks those tears may be related to her decision to leave. However, that’s not known for certain quite yet. He also says he’s not sure if she decides to leave during her date or at some other point of the episode.

The other bachelorette said to make the final six but leave before the final four and hometowns is Carly. That leaves Becca, Whitney, Jade, and Kaitlyn as the Season 19 hometown date recipients.

Fans will have to wait and see just how Britt Nilsson’s departure plays out on-screen, but it should be dramatic. As Steve says, and many wonder, this could be seen as quite the set-up to make Nilsson the next Bachelorette star for the 2015 season. There have already been rumblings that she could be in line for the gig, and some reports indicate that’s what she wanted all along.

Britt’s supposed departure per the Bachelor spoilers do seem reminiscent of other Bachelorette star departures, à la Ali Fedotowsky and Andi Dorfman. Nilsson does seem to be building quite the fan base already, but some viewers have other gals they’d like to see handing out roses in the spring.

How will things progress between Chris and Britt, and how will her departure be framed? Will Reality Steve’s spoilers nail the details on this one? Fans are anxious to find out, but they’ve got a bit of time yet to wait until the season progresses that far.

Chris Soules says he’s in love and fans can’t wait to check out that final rose ceremony. ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season airs on Monday nights.

[Image via ABC/Craig Sjodin]

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