Chris Soules Played By Leading Lady: Reason Britt Nilsson Wanted On ‘Bachelor’ Revealed

Britt Nilsson caught Chris Soules’ focus from the moment she stepped out of her limo on the night of The Bachelor premiere. He was so impressed by her that he handed her the first impression rose and his kisses on the first night. This put Britt in the lead for Chris’ heart from day one in the minds of many fans of the series.

However, a new Life & Style report has revealed that Britt Nilsson did not come to The Bachelor to fall in love with Chris. She had a very different plot in mind. She is looking out for herself and her future.

A source revealed her true reasons for appearing on this season of The Bachelor.

“She comes off really genuine and very interested in Chris on TV, so she must be a really good actress because he’s not her type at all. She’s excited to be on the show, but she said she had her eyes on becoming the next ‘Bachelorette.’ Chris was totally falling for Britt from the moment he met her. Within an hour of meeting, they were making out. He wanted to walk away with her at that moment.”

Britt was the first woman to step out of a limo and meet Chris Soules on the night of the premiere. He could not help gush about her in his People Magazine blog the next day. He said she gave him the “best hug of [his] entire life” that night.

During The Bachelor Episode 2, Chris made sure to pull Britt aside for some one-on-one time, and he gave her a little gift. He wanted her to know that she was on his mind. Britt definitely did not like sharing Chris’ attention, especially after he gave another contestant the group date rose.

However, not everyone is too keen on Britt Nilsson. She has been the topic of some of the blogs written by former contestants from the ABC franchise. Jaclyn Swartz, from Bachelor Pad, went to her blog, Blond Hair Don’t Care, following the premiere, and she immediately made it clear that she did not think that Britt Nilsson was on the series for Chris.

“[Britt is] a waitress from LA who looks famished… I am sure she is TOTALLY there for the right reasons. Just like I am at McDonalds for a salad. She will later win the first impression rose for reasons unknown, other than distributing free hugs to people who don’t want them.”

Jillian Harris also spoke about Britt on her blog after this week’s episode. She did not slam Britt like Jaclyn did, but she did express her surprise over Britt’s popularity.

“I am SO intrigued and impressed with how much time Britt is getting. As much as I think they have huge chemistry I still don’t think she’s the one. BUT I’m excited to see how far she’ll get!!!”

According to previously released spoilers from the Inquistr, Britt is not in the final four women this season. Rumors do have her in the running for The Bachelorette though.

If that were true, it would fit the new Life & Style report. Britt Nilsson would not be the first person to be appear on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette to grab their 15 minutes of fame and a chance at career advancement.

With the impression Britt made on Chris from day one, fans will need to keep watching to find out how she falls out of favor and is sent home by the farmer from Iowa.

What do you think? Is Britt Nilsson on The Bachelor to find love with Chris Soules?

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