‘The Bachelor’ 2015 Spoilers For Episode 7: Chris Soules Faces Jealousy, Drama, And Demands

ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season with Chris Soules is treating viewers to a special Sunday night of drama, with another new episode airing on Monday night. Fans were left hanging a bit with the last episode, as the rose ceremony is being carried over to the next episode. New Bachelor spoilers for the episode airing on February 15 are out, and there is lots of juicy drama ahead.

The network teases that Chris Soules will send home “an easygoing, carefree bachelorette” at the rose ceremony as Episode 7 opens on Sunday. According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, Megan Bell is that bachelorette.

Steve has been saying for a while now that Megan will actually eliminate herself ahead of the rose ceremony, so it will be interesting to see how the network edits and presents this farewell. One way or another, though, Megan will depart before Chris and the remaining ladies head to Iowa.

When Chris and his final six ladies get to Iowa, there will apparently be three one-on-one dates, a group date, and a “spontaneous” road trip for several of the ladies without Soules along. Bachelor spoilers indicate that Jade Roper gets a big one-on-one date that will leave many of the other ladies envious. She gets to go to Arlington, Chris’ hometown, to hit up a football game. It seems she falls in love with the folks in the town and even gets to meet Soules’ parents.

Whitney Bischoff gets another one of the solo dates, and this one seems to be a big one. Chris and Whitney will hang out in Des Moines, and she gets to meet some of his best friends. This is, of course, a huge opportunity for any of the bachelorettes, and it will be interesting to see what Soules’ friends think of her. There is also a mural created for them and many think this will be a key date of the season.

ABC’s Bachelor spoilers indicate that several of the ladies will decide to take an impromtu road trip on their own to check out Arlington. While, of course, this was totally orchestrated by production, it should provide for some great moments. A new sneak peek shows Carly Waddell, Britt Nilsson, Becca Tilley, and Kaitlyn Bristowe driving through the small town.

The ladies are pretty shocked by just how small Arlington is, and this should be a serious reality check for them. Britt, in particular, is shown looking quite shocked. Will she come to realize that she really isn’t willing to move to Iowa, despite clearly being a frontrunner for Soules’ final rose?

Becca is believed to get the other one-on-one date, though virtually nothing is known about the outing at this point. There is a group date for Chris and three ladies, and it seems they decide to play some hockey. It’s two frontrunners against an underdog, it seems, and it looks like that refers to Britt, Kaitlyn, and Carly.

ABC’s Bachelor spoilers indicate that there are clashing interests among the ladies, and one lady gets jealous. Though this really never goes well, the jealous gal apparently warns Soules that another gal on the date isn’t being entirely truthful about loving the area. One lady gets a group date, which leads another devastated bachelorette to face off with him. She will make some demands, and the network teases that fans will have to tune in to see if Chris caves to what she wants.

So which ladies fill which roles in that scenario? Reality Steve’s spoilers have indicated that at some point in this episode, Britt will decide that she’s leaving the show, despite the fact that she’s clearly been a favorite of Chris’. ABC teases that there will be a jealous woman confronting Soules in a devastating meltdown, and it certainly is sounding like this is Britt.

Just what happens on the group date that leads to all of this drama? The fans at the Bach and Bachette Fan Forums suspect that Carly is the underdog who will throw Britt under the bus with Chris for saying she likes the area when she really doesn’t. It is believed that Kaitlyn gets the group date rose, which certainly won’t go over well with either of the other two ladies. It would seem, then, that Britt ends up being the jealous one who lays into Chris.

It’s not clear at this point exactly what with Britt plays out when, though most would imagine there will be a good amount of time spend on this in Sunday’s episode. Does she stick around until the cocktail party, or leave earlier? There are clips of Britt sobbing outside, looking dressed up, so fans will be curious to see just when this all takes place.

The network is also teasing that Jade will reveal her big secret, the fact that she’s modeled as a Playboy Amateur, at some point soon. Will she tell Chris at some point during the dates in Iowa, or save it for her hometown visit? Will Soules let that impact his decision to keep her around?

According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, Whitney Bischoff, Kaitlyn Bristowe, Jade Roper, and Becca Tilley all get hometown dates this season, and those will air on Monday, February 16. That means that in addition to Britt Nilsson reportedly quitting on her own, Carly Waddell will be left without a rose during the February 15 show.

Sunday’s broadcast, which also includes an hour-long special featuring Chris Soules, Andi Dorfman and a bit from Kelsey Poe, should be a dramatic game-changer. Tune in to ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season with new episodes on both February 15 and 16 to see just where things are headed with Soules.

[Photo by Matthew Putney/ABC]