‘Bachelorette’ Andi Dorfman Visits Los Angeles: Why Did She Make The Trip?

Former Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman just spent the weekend in Los Angeles, leading many fans to speculate about the reason behind the trip. Was it related to the show in some way? Was she meeting up with another former contestant out there? It seems that it was related to the show, and fans will be seeing more soon.

Dorfman spent much of the past week in California, and she shared a lot of photos from the trip via Instagram. However, she never detailed why she was out there and fans were curious. According to Reality Steve, Andi Dorfman spent the weekend in Los Angeles to film a segment with host Chris Harrison regarding her split from Josh Murray.

Fans were a bit shocked when Andi and Josh announced their split just three days after they walked the red carpet of The Bachelor 2015 premiere for Chris Soules. Now it seems that she will share a bit more information about what happened.

As Steve notes, Josh Murray was not in Los Angeles this past weekend, so it would seem that the chat is only with Andi. Given that, how sincere a look will Bachelorette viewers get at the split if Chris only talks with Andi? Many would hope that Josh would get a chance to speak too, but at this point, it would seem that only Dorfman will be featured.

Andi and Josh released a fairly generic statement confirming their split just after it happened, and neither has said much more since. There was a thinly-veiled Twitter spat between the two not long ago, and plenty of rumors circulating about what went wrong. As Reality Steve says, the chat with Andi is likely to be fairly generic, but fans will surely be curious to see what she says anyway.

Many Bachelorette fans noticed that Andi’s runner-up, Nick Viall, happened to be in Los Angeles at the same time. Did they get together? Are they dating now? According to Reality Steve, the answer is no. He says that the two are not together and did not meet up in Los Angeles.

When will Andi Dorfman’s chat with Chris Harrison be shown? Bachelorette fans will surely know more soon as ABC will most definitely be hyping this one as soon as they’ve put the package together. Reality Steve notes that there is a special episode of The Bachelor 2015 season airing on Sunday, February 15, so it may be placed there. There’s also a “Chris Tells All” special slated for another Sunday soon, and it could be a good fit for that episode as well.

The timing of the trip is a bit interesting, as recently there had even been some rumors brewing that Andi could take another spin as The Bachelorette this spring. That seems unlikely to actually happen, but producers are certainly in the thick of making a final decision, and fans are curious to see if it turns out that they give Dorfman any serious consideration.

Will Andi Dorfman really provide any significant insight into her split with Josh Murray, and will he get an opportunity to share anything from his point of view? Bachelorette fans aren’t sure, but they’ll likely be willing to tune in to see just what is shared when ABC does air the segment soon.

[Image via She Knows]