Anthony Diaz Killed: 13-Year-Old Chicago Teenager’s Death Caused By Facebook Fight

Anthony Diaz was killed on Saturday night. The 13-year-old Chicago boy snuck out of his home with his two sisters during the evening, and he watched them get into a fistfight with another girl. Moments after he pulled out his cell phone to film the incident, someone pulled out a gun and began firing, according to CBS News.

The shooting occurred in the Belmont-Cragin neighborhood around 10:30 p.m. on Saturday night. The teen boy was pronounced dead at the hospital an hour later. The boy’s parents told police that a Facebook post was likely behind the shooting that killed the boy.

In fact, Diaz was most likely not the intended target of the shooting. The parents revealed to authorities that his sisters belonged to a street gang, and there was a dispute on Facebook with a rival street gang that led to the shooting on Saturday night.

Jennifer Sosa, the boy’s sister, spoke with the local ABC News affiliate about the dispute.

“She was dissing our gang. We came, we fought. They just got out of hand. They jumped all of us and they ended up shooting my brother.”

After the shooting, the boy’s mother, Laura de Domenico told the media that she wished “the violence stopped.” Her son was a good boy, she said, and she had told the boy’s sister to not take her brother out when things happen because Anthony was not street-wise.

The boy’s sister called her parents to tell them the boy was shot. The girl’s immediate instinct was to retaliate against the shooter, but her mother stopped her. Her mother spoke out about her feelings to the media.

“I’m like, ‘No, you ain’t getting no revenge. ‘ I mean, take this as an example for all you guys, teenagers, because you guys, for stupid things, a lot of people getting killed, and your brother’s not coming back.”

Ralph Otero also spoke to the media about his stepson. Anthony Diaz was not in a gang. He was on the honor roll at his school.

“He had good grades. He never gave us any headaches. He was not a troubled kid. All I ask is for justice…I don’t wish them harm. I don’t wish them anything bad, but unfortunately, we’re on this Earth, and we’ve got to pay for our mistakes. “

No suspects have been arrested for the Saturday night shooting. On Monday night, a gathering was held at the location where the shooting happened. A reward of $1.000 has been offered to anyone that shares information that leads to the arrest of the shooter.

It was revealed that the shooting happened less than a block from the boy’s home. His mother and stepfather had moved to the area in November because it was thought to be a better area.

There is more to this story. On Monday morning, the Department of Children and Family Services took three of the boy’s sisters into their custody. The boy’s mother agreed to the action.

“For their safety, they did it for their safety. We agreed as parents trying to look out for their safety.”

After the shooting, the boy’s mother took things very hard. At first, she was not even able to speak, according to her husband. The mother was devastated over the loss of her son.

“He was a handsome kid. Very smart. I love him with all my heart, I don’t know what I’m going to do without him.”

Police are investigating the cause of the fight. Anthony’s cell phone footage is part of that evidence, but it has not yet been revealed what the footage showed.

Facebook is popular among many, and it is causing more and more trouble. From the young to the old, people sign up for accounts, but they never realize that what they say or do on Facebook can lead to violent acts. This is something that is happening with more frequency.

In December, the Inquisitr reported on the story of one woman, Rachel Anne Hayes. Reports alleged that the woman slapped her elderly grandmother several times in the face because the grandmother rejected her friends request on Facebook.

One reporter shared their thoughts on the Florida incident.

“My guess is that the grandmother had good cause to refuse to associate with her granddaughter, even on Facebook. It’s almost enough to make you want to give up on society altogether, when the old and vulnerable are subject to the violent attack of their much younger kin, and over the most petty and stupid of things.”

What do you think? Have you ever seen a Facebook incident get out of control?