Paris Street Artist Pleas For Religions To ‘Coexist,’ Muslims Respond With Decimating Assault

Last month, the city of Paris was rocked by a string of crimes believed to be antisemitic in nature. The Inquisitr reported on such, which started with the massacre at Charlie Hebdo, followed by another massacre in a kosher grocery store two days later. It is also reported that the terrorist attacks are “good for Republicans,” as stated by MSNBC, because it backs up the party’s stances on gun rights and recognizing religious terrorism, specifically towards Islam.

Despite the arguments that have arisen from the terrorist attacks, one artist has expressed his desire for all religions to simply coexist. Unfortunately for his well-being, Muslims did not agree with his message, resulting in the artist getting beat up.

The artist known as "Combo" posted a picture of himself on Twitter with his facial injuries.

According to Le Monde and translated by Artnet, a street artist in Paris, France, who goes by the artistic handle of “Combo,” created a wall piece which shows his full portrait along with the word “coexist.” However, the word is spelled utilizing the three major symbols of the Abrahamic religions as letters. The Muslim crescent is used as the the letter “C,” Star of David is used as the letter “X,” and the Christian cross is used for the letter “T.” This particular iteration of the word was met with dire consequences, as four young men demanded the artist to remove the artwork. When Combo refused, he was assaulted severely, which left him with a dislocated shoulder and many bruises.

It is reported that the men who assaulted Combo were Muslim. Combo, however, was reluctant to identify the men, as said on a recent Facebook post, as reported by Truth Revolt.

“I am deliberately being vague about the description of these cowards and where it all happened. To me, it doesn’t matter where they come from, what colour their skin is, what their religion or their political ideas are. In this context, all they represent is stupidity and ignorance.”

Combo - Less Hamas More Hummus
"Less Hamas, More Hummus" by Combo

Despite his assault, Combo is not backing down from spreading his art across the city. Daily Mail reports that he organized a campaign on Sunday in which participants pasted posters of his mural, that he was beaten up for, across Paris. “Coexist” has appeared next to subway entrances, alleyway walls, and even on one of the many statues of lions.

Now that you’ve read the news on Combo getting assaulted for his stance on religions coexisting, what are your views? Do you think his belief is something that will eventually happen or is such coexistence fundamentally impossible?

[Images via Combo]
[H/T: Le Monde]