MSNBC Host Says Charlie Hebdo Murders Is A “Good Thing” For Republicans

The terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo has had the entire world talking. Governments, citizens, and companies have been responding in many different ways. Some of the responses have seem potentially proportional, while others seem to many as extreme. As the Inquisitr reported on Tuesday, many governments have been changing policy or espousing tough rhetoric regarding terrorism.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron made a reelection pledge to, more or less, ban encrypted messaging as a means of fighting terrorism.

However, Mr. Cameron is not the only public figure that has been making very odd and slightly disturbing comments following the murders at Charlie Hebdo. An MSNBC host, who seems to be known for inflammatory speech, is at it again. It comes as no surprise to many that his daggers are aimed at Republicans.

MSNBC’S Chris Hayes, on a political commentary show he hosts on Monday nights called All In, said that the murder of 10 Charlie Hebdo contributors was actually a “good thing.” Well, At least for congressional Republicans as Chris Hayes sees it. The reason for this bizarre rational? As Mr. Hayes put it, they did not end up getting a lot of “air time,” Real Clear Politics reports.

“Due to last week’s horrific murders in France, the 114th Congress’s first week did not get a lot of air time, which is probably a good thing for the GOP.”

Hayes spent the remainder of his show lambasting Republicans and leveling the same kind of attacks that were prevalent throughout the 2012 Presidential election cycle.

“In case you missed it, and it’s likely you did, it was a pretty eventful week for the GOP as they took control of both chambers. Boehner tried to take control of his party. The party took control of the legislative agenda, one that threatens funding for the disabled, offers huge giveaways to Wall Street and attacks Obamacare. Given all of that they’re probably pretty happy no one was paying much attention.”

This comes as no surprise to anyone familiar with MSNBC or Chris Hayes. MSNBC is often considered to be a Liberal Democrat network, and Chris Hayes is no stranger to outlandish attacks on members of the Republican Party. Hayes attacked Senator Rand Paul and Ron Johnson on what he consider “Ebola Trutherism” because both senators were in favor of some type of travel restrictions or ban at the time.

Mediaite reported that he also joined his colleagues in attacking those who were outraged over insults directed toward Ann Romney in the 2012 Presidential election for her “not working a day in her life”.

What are your thoughts? Are Chris Hayes comments inflammatory and disrespectful or are they par for the course for this job?

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