Tree Trimmer High On Meth And Ecstasy Dies After Getting Snarled In A Palm Tree

A 46-year-old tree trimmer died stuck up a palm tree in North Las Vegas, having allegedly consumed large amounts of methamphetamine and MDMA, according to the Clark County coroner’s office, which spoke to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The publication reported, citing the coroner’s report, that Smith, “died accidentally on January 11 due to asphyxia and chest compression.”

According to the coroner’s office, the presence of the meth and the ecstasy in Smith’s system were deemed to be “significant factors” in his death.

MyNews3 reported that Smith got snarled in a North Las Vegas palm tree — between 25 and 30 feet above the ground and the TV station reported as follows.

“Firefighter crews were not able to see the patient in the tree because of the palm fronds that were hanging down, completely covering him. Once crews were able to use a ladder truck to reach the victim, they had to cut the palm fronds from around him in order to be able to attempt a high angle rescue. It took crews 15 minutes to rescue the middle aged adult male from the tree and transport him to the hospital, according to a North Las Vegas Fire Department news release.”

A neighbor, Jay Atkins, told reporters about the tragic death.

“I just saw leaves and brush coming down and then I noticed a guy was up there cutting. And then, they had the street blocked off. You would think you wouldn’t be up there in the rain.”

Another neighbor, Pat Burgess, also spoke to 8NewsNow at the time and said of the tree, “That’s been growing like that for at least a couple of years.”

According to an obituary for the deceased tree trimmer, who left a widow behind,” Dan enjoyed collecting artifacts and rocks, fishing and working on cars. If anything broke down, eh [sic] could fix it.”