Larry Tuttle, Dead: Texas Police Officer Killed In Fatal Shooting By Woman In Murder Suicide

Larry Tuttle, a police officer in Dallas, Texas, was shot and killed while he was off duty over the weekend. WFAA is reporting that 40-year old Larry Tuttle was found by 911 responders unconscious in his home. A female victim was also found unresponsive. Both victims were deceased and had died from gunshots to the body. The woman appeared to have shot Officer Tuttle before turning the gun on herself.

Neighbors reported hearing gunshots ringing out in the area located in the 9700 block of Forest Lane at around 6:15 p.m. on Saturday. The fatal shooting took place at the Lake Highland Apartments. One neighbor recorded the event on her cell phone, where she observed law enforcement officers arriving and entering the scene.

During the investigation, police asked neighbors if they saw anything. That’s when they were informed that they saw a small child — a girl who appeared to be around five or six-years-old — fleeing the apartment in tears.

As of now, police have not indicated the relationship between the two deceased adults and the child. The name of the woman who was found inside the apartment has not been made public, but is believed to be his lover, according to CBS News. Tuttle had worked as a police officer in Dallas for six years.

Just today, Inquisitr reported on the murder-suicide case of Michael and Denise Tabacchi, a couple who died in a fatal shooting at their home in New Jersey. In that tragic case, a 15-month old baby was found near her parents’ dead bodies. We will continue to update you with information as the Larry Tuttle story develops.

[Photo Credit: Twitter]