The Rope That Hanged The Dictator – Saddam Hussein’s Noose Is A Hot Commodity For Bidders

The rope that was used for the execution of Saddam Hussein is up for grabs to the highest bidder and the frenzy has begun.

The rope used to execute former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has attracted numerous bids from people who want to own the gruesome souvenir. According to the London-based Al-Araby Al-Jadeed website, bidders are going crazy for the rather grisly artifact. Currently, the highest bids has come in from Iran, Israel and Kuwait.

Rope That Executed Saddam Hussein Attracts Huge Bids

Saddam Hussein was, at some point during his 23-year rule, in conflict with each of the nations of origin of the bidders. These nations and its citizens have been on the receiving end of Saddam’s army or, in Israel’s case, his rockets. Saddam is said to have built his enormous wealth by plundering neighboring countries, foreign aid and his own citizens.

The rope that hung Saddam is currently in the possession of Mowaffak al-Rubaie, Iraq’s ex-national security adviser. In late 2013, he was photographed with the alleged rope on display in his living room. He had chosen to sling the rope around the neck of the erstwhile dictator-president. The image went viral across the internet and sparked a flurry of interest from the rich and elite who were oppressed during Saddam’s regime.

In April 2013, Mr al-Rubaie revealed he was keeping the statue and rope until a museum was made to house the relics of the former regime.

“I had my men bring me back a segment of the rope after they cut Saddam down. I thought it appropriate to put it around the neck of Saddam’s statue.”

A senior Iraqi politician confirmed among those bidding are two Kuwaiti businessmen, an Iranian religious organization and a wealthy Israeli family. He added that an offer of $7 million (£4.6 million) has been made. Interestingly, the man who currently owns the rope, Mr al-Rubaie, has neither confirmed nor denied the report.

The sale of the rope has sparked a lot of criticism from human rights activists as well. Ironically, the group isn’t objecting to the sale. Activist Ahmed Saeed informed the website that if such a sale does happen, the money should go to the Iraqi treasury as public funds.


After a massive manhunt that lasted a couple of years, the United States military finally dug out Saddam Hussein, who was hiding in a bunker. Though details are quite sketchy and haven’t been formally corroborated, Hussein was executed by hanging after a brief trial by a special military tribunal.

[Image CreditS |, Reuters, CNN]