This Baby Fetish Nursery Charges Adults To Be Treated As Infants – Pampering Includes ‘Messy Change’

A “nursery” in Portsmouth UK allows adults to relive their infancy days, complete with daycare facilities.

If you ever felt you wanted to be treated as an infant or a helpless toddler, a couple in Portsmouth has been operating multiple “adult” nurseries for the last decade and a half.

Derek Ventham, who co-runs the “nursery” where more than a third of clients are under 25 years of age, claims, “Half an hour in a nappy and my stress is gone.”

At the bizarre adult baby fetish nursery, clients pay to wear man-sized nappies, sleep in cots, and even sit in a high chair to eat meals. Customers are cared for by “Mummy Maxine” alongside her husband – an adult baby himself – at their new home in Liverpool.

Be Treated Like A Toddler

For the privilege to relive their childhood days, adults have to shell out £75 ($114) an hour for the service. If you want a “messy change,” that’s an additional £25 ($38) added to the bill. Adult baby Derek even offers to pick clients up from Lime Street Station for a modest £5 or from Liverpool John Lennon Airport for £10 extra.

The couple claims “all kinds of people” use their services, from students to doctors and electricians, with 12-hour or overnight stays costing a whopping £350 ($533).

Despite the seemingly high charges, the couple claims to have successfully run the “adult nurseries” at multiple locations for the last 14 years. However, their neighbors retaliated when they started operating their unconventional nurseries from their home. Few of the neighbors attacked the couple at their front door and forced them to evict the premises.

The Adult Baby Nursery Even Offers 'Messy Change' For A Little Extra

However, the unique couple has always strongly maintained that there is nothing illegal about the operation, neither is there any sexual activity in their north Liverpool nursery. Husband Derek insists the controversial fetish is nothing to do with sex or children.

“As soon as you mention adult babies, they say ‘you’re a pedophile’. But it couldn’t be further from the truth. We don’t want to be with children, we want to be the child. This is my relaxant. Half an hour in a nappy and my stress is gone.”

Comparing her business practice to a spa and speaking about her clients, Mummy Maxine says, “We get people from all walks of life. We get same-sex couples, male and female couples. I even have one client whose personal assistant makes the appointments for him, he’s very successful and has a lot of people work under him — so it helps him relax.”

The bizarre adult baby nursery offers to wrap its clients in a warm cozy blanket and everything is done for them while they blissfully relax.

“You just relax, you don’t have to think about anything, or do anything for that afternoon,” adds Mummy Maxine.

[Image Credit | Liverpool Echo]