Microsoft Magic Mushroom Bus

From our regular contributor, Fake Steve Gillmor
Twitter has no chance of being trusted with anything, not even for the formation of the citizen militia that will rule after the next glorious revolution. Microsoft Mesh on Toast, that’s another matter, so lets explore it.

Fail whale on toast may be popular in Japan, but Seattle Bear is more palatable to the general populace in the enterprise space. Monopolies, Standard Oil, AT&T like behavior, these are the things people want. Windows, Office, Mesh toast transition from the previous era of computing, Windows for Workgroups and Windows NT converged and transferred control from IT to a loose federation of micronations in the South Pacific.

Soon an average civilian could set up tunnels between islands, and run cables to support ISDN. Lotus Notes, Exchange Server, Citrix, McDonalds, KFC, all mass produced. Fluffy white clouds circling the air. Groovy.

Twitter is OS/2, Linux, Mesh on Toast, the Windows of the space. Note Dominos is still a popular game in some countries. Transfer of messages, via Telegram, the internet of the 19th century, and the pipes were cleaned by Ajax, kitchen gel.

The security however isn’t there. Chinese spies steal blackberrys, but they don’t steal iPhones. Windows for Mobile is now more secure thanks to Mesh toast, and at the intranet level, Web 2.0-aware CIOs are cheering in a sea of bright lights.

Then there was Scoble at Microsoft. Scoble made mesh toast. By himself he defined his mesh toast with a special mark. Sure, Scoble on Toast isn’t the Virgin Mary, but at a time everyone’s identity is time-sliced up according to these very different but parallel-running information streams, surely Scoble toast means something. Zuckerberg, still in diapers, snatched another idea for Facebook, canons blazing. F*(% I’m sh*^faced.

Apple created the iPhone to take advantage of Gates leaving Microsoft, but we all know Steve Jobs is on borrowed time. Besides, Uncle Fester is more menacing at the reigns of Microsoft, API and Mesh Toast cleaned with Ajax Kitchen Gel, and wammo, the cleanest kitchen in Seattle.

And it’s here that simple wins – a lowest common denominator approach to toast. Recall that in the Watergate investigation, Nixon didn’t eat toast, case closed.

People on FriendFeed breastfeed over the synchronous convergence of Mesh toast. Magic Mushrooms. Nuff said. A complete leopardization:

Every day I get in the queue (Too much, the Magic Mushroom Bus)
To get on the bus that takes me to you (Too much, the Magic Mushroom Bus)

That’s Yahoo in a nutshell, as I’m sure you would agree.