Casey Anthony Bankrupt, Stiffs Lawyer Jose Baez, But Lives Off Fans’ Money Despite Death Threats

With Casey Anthony bankrupt, the former mother once dubbed as “America’s most hated woman” ended up stiffing her defense lawyer, Jose Baez, for almost $500,000 in legal fees. Regardless, it’s rumored Anthony still manages to keep her party lifestyle due to anonymous fans who apparently are paying her way for practically everything. The odd part is that Anthony has way more fans than death threats.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Casey Anthony denies killing her daughter Caylee Anthony “’til her last breath” according to those who keep in contact with her now.

Back in 2013, Casey Anthony’s net worth was $1,000 in assets and $792,00 in liabilities when she first filed for bankruptcy. Now that the bankruptcy settlement has been reached, Anthony has been allowed “to keep $500 worth of personal property, including clothes, jewelry, a camera, a bike and some furniture.”

Casey Anthony Smirking

According to the Daily Mail, she left quite a bill hanging for everyone involved in her legal defense.

“Her listed debts owed to 80 creditors included $500,000 for attorney fees and costs for Jose Baez; $145,660 for the Orange County Sheriff’s office for a judgment covering investigative fees and costs related to the case; $68,540 for the Internal Revenue Service for back taxes, interest and penalties; and $61,505 for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for court costs.”

Since being acquitted of killing her two-year-old daughter, Casey Anthony has been working from her home and is limited to jobs as “a housekeeper, clerk, secretary and stuff like that.” Although rumors suggest she has been spending her days partying and hanging out on the beach thanks to money sent by anonymous fans, one pro bono lawyer named Cheney Mason claims she now lives life like in a prison cell.

“She has to live constantly on guard. She can’t go out in public. I think Casey has a lot of world left to have to deal with. She hasn’t been freed from her incarceration yet ’cause she can’t go out. She can’t go to a beauty parlor, she can’t go shopping to a department store, she can’t go to a restaurant, she can’t even go to McDonald’s. She can’t do anything.”

Mason also apparently handles Anthony’s mail, and he separates it into two boxes, one labeled “good” and one labeled “bad.” The latter box is mostly comprised of “vitriolic hate mail and death threats.”

According to a previous report by the Inquisitr, the fan mail apparently outnumbers those death threats by eight to one, and she also receives monetary support from various benefactors according to a family friend.

“She is surrounded by enablers. No one makes her pull her own weight. No one makes her accountable. That’s what got her into this mess in the first place. I, for one, don’t feel the least bit sorry for her.”

No one knows who is providing all this money, but it’s claimed Casey Anthony is living a decent life without working a normal career.

Casey Anthony Partying And Smoking