February 6, 2015
Comcast Renames Female Customer 'Super B***h,' Surprising No One

Comcast customer service representatives have a bit of a notorious reputation online. First, there was the customer that they dubbed "A**hole Brown."

Recently, the company tried to claim ownership of a piece of equipment that a friend of mine had bought outright, charging him for it after he'd canceled his service.

(In their defense, that only took 18 emails to clear up.)

And now, they have returned to the renaming well, targeting a female customer with the name "Super B*tch."

Mary Bauer took a picture of her bill when it arrived in the mail, then posted it online. This isn't common practice for her. She tends to only do it when the address window features something like "Super B*tch Bauer" in place of her real name.

What set Comcast off?

Apparently, Mary had been having reception issues and had called more than a few times to see if the problem could be corrected. By the time all was said and done, she'd been passed off to 39 separate Comcast technicians.

Then, Bauer says, the company stopped sending her bills for a while before finally resuming with the name change.

Mary told Popular Mechanics that she may have "gotten a little irritated" at times but was never overly rude.

(Got to commend her there -- 39 technicians!)

She also never "berated anyone" or missed a bill, she said.

When this story went viral, virtually no one online was surprised by it. Since Comcast has a monopoly in many parts of the country on cable and internet service, customer service has been relegated to something of an afterthought.

The Reddit community pointed out as much when the Comcast "Super B*tch" story made page one of the news feed on Friday.

"I would argue that these incidents are a direct result of the natural devolutionary course of a monopoly company.... Without predators, they degenerate into the equivalent of a Dodo bird on some forgotten island.... They don't need to work for their money. They don't need to provide a superior product - or a first class customer service experience. They just sit back and milk their trapped and choiceless cash cows.... The monopoly attitude trickles down to their employees.... And every day is such a mind numbing 'who cares' routine that the only way to get a rise in your day is to mail out some 'wh*re' 'a**hole brown' mail to the company's customers.... The stark reality however, is that this is precisely how Comcast senior management actually regards their customers. Lead by example."

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