Ron Paul Endorsed By Prostitutes

Ron Paul will be the presidential nominee for the Republican Party. I mean, how can he lose now that the Prostitutes at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch have officially put their support behind him.

The legal brothel outside of Carson City, Nevada, have launched a “Pimping for Paul” campaign. And the girls are passing off their appreciation for Paul on to their customers. Dennis Hof, the owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, said:

“If a client comes into the Bunny Ranch and says ‘I’m pimpin’ for Paul,’ they’re gonna have a real good time.”

Paul hasn’t commented on his prostitute support this year, but when the Moonlite Bunny Ranch got behind his run for the presidency in 2008, a spokesman for said:

“While Paul does not personally condone prostitution, the candidate does not think it’s the role of the federal government to regulate such activity.”

Paul said this year that states should be allowed to legalize prostitution, gay marriage and marijuana.

The NY Daily News reports that Nevada is legal in 16 counties in Nevada. The prostitute vote could boost Paul’s numbers when the state holds its 2012 presidential caucus on February 4th but it isn’t likely to help this weekend during the South Carolina primaries. Paul is currently tied for third in the polls behinds Mitt Romney.

Are you more likely or less likely to vote for Ron Paul now that you know the prostitutes in Nevada support his candidacy.