February 6, 2015
Los Angeles' City Councilman Issues $50K Reward To Find 86-Year-Old's Killer, Widow Was Stabbed To Death

In December 2014, 86-year-old Antonia Yager was found stabbed to death in her Windsor Square home in Los Angeles, California. Since the murder still remains unsolved, Los Angeles City Councilman Tom LaBonge has issued a bounty.

According to the Windsor Square Association, the area is a historic and wealthy neighborhood. Generally, the neighborhood has a very low crime rate. Interestingly enough, her husband — Tommy Yager (deceased) — even served as a judge in the Los Angeles Superior Court.

Well, even though it's a pleasant, well-to-do community, a very unpleasant thing occurred in this Los Angeles neighborhood. According to records, Mrs. Yager received a threatening letter approximately around June 2014. At first, she was concerned and took the matter to detectives. However, she was comforted as they eliminated the sender as a real, tangible threat since the sender happened to be from out-of-state.

Six months later, the unthinkable happened: an intruder stabbed the Los Angeles woman to death. Tricia Cardinale, a friend of the victim, commented to NBC-Los Angeles after the body had been found during a caretaker's visit.

"I went into complete and utter shock over this because it was incredible. First of all, we just left her, and it was such a lovely evening, and then this horrible tragedy happened. Just heartbreaking."
Tricia Cardinale Speaks On Antonia Yager Murder
Credits: NBC - Los Angeles

Another friend, John Franklin, was just as shocked.

"We're baffled. She was the nicest lady in the world. This should happen to nobody... She lived in a big beautiful house, and she had a big beautiful spirit."
Even Los Angeles Police Department's Lt. John Radtke had a statement of condolence to NBC-LA.
"She took care of herself, (she) liked to drive around and run her errands every day, so (this was) a big surprise."
Antonia Yager Photo Before Murdered
Credits: NBC - Los Angeles

Certainly, the area knew who she was and was close-knit with her. However, in the report, it's stated that she didn't have children or any family in Los Angeles. Yet, her community regards her as family and is pleading her case similarly.

NBC-LA included LAPD contact information for anyone with any knowledge of the person or persons responsible.

"Anyone with information about the killing should call the LAPD's West Bureau Homicide Division at 213-382-9470. Anonymous tips can be provided by calling Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-TIPS."
This was one in a string of Los Angeles killings of 2014. Though there were several, this one seems incredibly heinous.

What do you think about this Los Angeles investigation? Will the killer be found and will justice be served for Yager and as well as the community?

[Feature image via NBC-Los Angeles.]