World’s Most Dangerous Beach Leaves Another Swimmer Dead By Shark Attack

The South African area of Port St John’s houses Second Beach often called the most dangerous swimming destination in the world because of shark attacks and now another Second Beach victim has been claimed by shark attack, the sixth such death in as many years.

The yet-t0-be-named 25-year old man was attacked on Saturday afternoon while wading in waist-deep water. The swimmer was with friends when the shark struck, severing one arm and causing deep wounds to the man’s check and stomach.

Lifeguards quickly pulled the man to shore but the extent of his injuries caused him to bleed out as he was strewn across the sand.

The man was attacked one-year to the day when surfer Zama Ndamase, 18, was fatally attacked as he waited for a wave.

While the average shark attack leaves one in five people dead in South Africa the Port St Johns area is six deaths for six attacks in six years, making it the most dangerous shark attack region in the world. In fact if you take the number of shark attacks and deaths in Port St. John and compare it to entire countries or states there have not been more fatalities in other places around the world.

According to officials most of the attacks have been carried out by bull sharks, often known as the “pitbulls of the ocean” because of their ability to cause catastrophic injuries.

Would you take a chance in swimming at Second Beach knowing that Bull Sharks could strike at any moment?

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