Instagram’s Curves: Ashley Graham, Kim Kardashian & Amber Rose Comparison

Ashley Graham is being deemed a “plus-size model,” specifically. However, are there differences in her curves from those of Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose? Not really.

If all three women are curvy, why is it being emphasized that Ashley Graham is plus-size? Most sources indicate that she wears a size 16 dress.

Ashley Graham Instagram Size Chart
Credits: Big Commerce

However, from the looks of recent photos via Ashley Graham’s Instagram — as well as from an interview with Access Hollywood where she states that she is a size 14, those sources’ informations may be slightly outdated. Yet, for verification’s sake, these sizes will be used. Barely making the plus-size ranks, Graham is what’s known as “junior plus size.” That’s about equivalent to an “entry-level” qualification.

In actuality, Ashley Graham’s size only differs from both, Kim K. and Amber Rose, by a few measurements. Accordingly, their sizes are as follows.

Ashley Graham’s bust: 42 || Ashley Graham’s waist: 30 || Ashley Graham’s hips: 46.

Kim Kardashian’s bust: 38 || Kim Kardashian’s waist: 26.5 || Kim Kardashian’s hips: 42.

Amber Rose’s bust: 38 || Amber Rose’s waist: 27 || Amber Rose’s hips: 40.

**All measurements in inches.

Possibly at one point in Ashley Graham’s modeling career, she could have been deemed a plus-size model. However, that’s a borderline case now. Unless Kim and Amber could also be deemed plus-size? According to their profiles on Healthy Celeb, their body types are labeled “voluptuous.” In modern-day vernacular, this is referred to as “thick.”

“Omg, Amber Rose is so thick.” Or “Have you seen how thick Kim Kardashian has gotten?” Why change it up for Ashley Graham? “Oh, Ashley Graham is a hot plus-size woman.” No. Like, Kim and Amber, Ashley is thick (voluptuous).

By Webster’s definition, when applied to a woman’s figure, it states the term as “curvaceous and sexually attractive.” By this definition, do you think Ashley Graham is voluptuous?

Ashley Graham Instagram
Credits: The Citizens of Fashion

How about this photo of Ashley Graham posing against the wall?

Ashley Graham Posing

If there had to be a contrast, it would more than likely be Ashley Graham’s hips. They’re four inches more than Kim’s and six inches more than Amber’s.

Ashley Graham Comparison II
Credits: Tuning PP | Instagram | Entertainment Wise

Yet, all three could be deemed “curvaceous and attractive.”

In U.S. society, the connotation of “plus-size” is usually meet with thoughts of those who are “full-figured,” “big-boned,” or even obese. To some women, this term is actually hurtful. Ashley Graham speaks in the following video about her thoughts on the term.

Even supporters feel similar. As can be seen from Ashley Graham’s Twitter page, she retweets one supporter as he says:

“If we want to make people feel good about themselves maybe we should stop calling Ashley Graham a ‘plus sized model’. ‘Model’ will do.”

How do you feel about it? Is Ashley Graham’s example making history and changing the paradigm of female image? What are your thoughts?

[Feature Image via Complex, Lipstick Alley & Bimtri]