Zack Attack: Jimmy Fallon Puts Together A Near-Perfect 'Saved By The Bell' Reunion

Danny Cox

Jimmy Fallon has made it no secret that he's a huge fan of Saved By The Bell, and that he's always hoping there will be a true reunion. While that may never happen due to some bad blood, he's always looking to come as close as possible. On the Wednesday night edition of The Tonight Show, he came closer than ever before.

Fallon's Saved By The Bell recreation began with Fallon at his desk reminiscing about the old days in high school. A familiar flashback sequence then took viewers to the halls of Bayside High.

Well, familiar if you were born in the '80s.

As Hollywood Life reported, Jimmy Fallon is actually a student at Bayside High in the short and he's soon greeted by his friend, Zack Morris. Yes, it's actually Mark-Paul Gosselaar reprising his famous role and looking almost identical to how he looked 25 years ago.

Fallon and Morris go back and forth while dropping lyrics from the Saved By The Bell's famous theme song. That is until AC Slater (Mario Lopez) shows up and looks even more like himself from 25 years ago.

"What's up preppies?"

A few moments later, Slater shows Jessie that he can dance with anyone as he rips off his clothes and does a little ballet dance in a full-body leotard. Fans of the show will recognize the dance as the exact same one he did in an episode so many years ago.

Soon, Mr. Belding (Dennis Haskins) and a pregnant Kelly Kapowski (Tiffani Thiessen) show up, and it ends with the Zack Attack singing "Friends Forever." No, there was no Lisa Turtle (Lark Voorhies) or Screen Powers (Dustin Diamond).

Hollywood Reporter did point out that there were plenty of little reminders of episodes of Saved By The Bell from the past.

Saved By The Bell Reunion

A full on Saved By The Bell reunion may never end up happening, but Jimmy Fallon will continue to get fans and himself as close to one as he can. Not only was this a close to all cast members reunion, but it even took place inside the friendly confines of good ol' Bayside High.

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