Zack Morris Sweaters: Mark-Paul Gosselaar Says He Still Dons The Fashion

Zack Morris was the heartthrob icon of kid’s television in the early ’90s, but he was also plagued with the fashion of the times too. Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who played the character on Saved by the Bell, said he still happens to like his ugly sweaters, and doesn’t mind wearing one from time to time.

Anyone who watch Saved by the Bell, or still catches the reruns today, has become familiar with the sweaters that Zack Morris wore all the time. There were countless sweaters for him to choose from, and he never seemed to mind wearing them during the four-year run of the television series.

Entertainment Tonight scoured Twitter and learned that Mark-Paul Gosselaar actually still likes the old sweaters, but he wears them at a different time of day now. That was, of course, after a fan asked him about them.

zack morris sweater

In truly cool and awesome Zack Morris fashion, Gosselaar responded simply and shortly.

MPG twitter sweater

It’s kind of hard to decide whether or not it is frightening that he still has some of those old Zack Morris sweaters in stock. Perhaps he can be given the benefit of the doubt, since he now breaks them out for sleepy-time.

Gosselaar has never really had anything bad to say about Saved by the Bell at all, but he no longer lives through its success.

Per the Los Angeles Times, even when his former co-star Dustin Diamond released his Lifetime movie about the show, he thought it was ridiculous. None of those who were on the show actually had nice words to say about it, and for good reason.

Saved by the Bell was huge for its time and is still big today, but not once things got into the New Class and College Years. Just about everyone from the cast of the show was able to go on to bigger and better things, such as high-profile movie roles, television series, and TV hosting gigs.

Saved by the Bell

Well, all those except Dustin “Screech Powers” Diamond, who is now facing possible murder charges (but, not really) for a bar fight.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar, aka Zack Morris, will be able to be seen this year in theaters along with Kate Bosworth and Robert De Niro in the thriller Bus 657. The film deals with a casino heist and city bus hijacking, but it’s doubtful Gosselaar will have on any ugly sweaters for the action scenes.

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