Too Much Cowbell? Protester Arrested For Impossible Act

A protester in Wisconsin was arrested last night for playing too much cowbell.

The North Western reports that a 26-year-old Appleton man was protesting with a group of people in front of a restaurant in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The local police department asked the protesters to keep the noise down, but one demonstrator insisted on giving the protest more cowbell.

OPD spokesman Joe Nichols said that restaurant customers complained about the excessive noise. When the cowbell enthusiast refused to quiet down he was arrested. Nichols said:

“The rest of the protesters were told to keep the noise down and they did. The officer understood they have a right to be out on the sidewalk and picket, but they can’t block driveways or sidewalks and can’t create excessive noise.”

Nichols said that the cowbell incident wasn’t the first political arrest in recent months, and until the recall collection, it won’t be the last. Nichols said:

“We’re going to get these kinds of calls until the recall election occurs. People have a right to go out. They have a right to demonstrate. But with rights come responsibilities. They have to be responsible for all their actions. Don’t block sidewalks if someone’s trying to get by. And don’t make excessive noise.”

So you can have too much cowbell… Don’t tell Bruce Dickinson.