Farrah Abraham Erotic Novel Trilogy: Reality Star Reveals Third Book Release

Farrah Abraham has tried her hand at many endeavors and has been successful with a lot of them. Not only did the Iowa native start out as a reality show star, but she has also ventured into the world of adult entertainment, and is a New York Times bestselling author.

Her memoir, My Teenage Dream Ended, was the first book by a Teen Mom to give an intimate look at life behind the camera. Farrah did not hold back in her account of her life before 16 and Pregnant, reliving a lot of her life in words for fans. The book quickly became a best seller and she followed it up with a children’s book titled Passy Perfume.

Passy Perfume was a book that talked about her daughter, Sophia, giving up her pacifier. As many fans of the show know, Farrah Abraham’s daughter had a hard time letting go of her pacifier, despite getting older. The book was meant to help, not only Sophia, but other kids with the problem. The book, which was available in e-book format, did not do nearly as well as her first book, but that hasn’t deterred the business woman!

Farrah Abraham has written three more books, fictionalized accounts about the adult entertainment industry. Celebrity Sex Tape consists of three novels books including In the Making and The Secret’s Out. Now, Farrah has announced that the third installment is available for preorder. Love Through Limelight will be released on February 13, right before Valentine’s Day, but is currently available for fans to preorder.

Like the other two books, Love Through Limelight features Farrah Abraham on the cover of the book. This book brings together Fallon Opal’s life and the description claims that the ending is happy for the main character.

“Through all the betrayals, stigmas and bad press, Fallon Opal hasn’t given up on her dream of having a happy ending. Her lifestyle may have changed, but under it all, she’s the same innocent young woman who wants it all. The celebrity sex tape that changed Fallon’s life stands as a testament to her sexy fantasies. Those who have lived vicariously through her fame—the believers, fans, supports, and even the haters—will be shocked by Fallon’s true transformation. This happy ending is everything she ever wanted and her life—worthy of an Academy Award—is a story that needs to be shared.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Farrah Abraham will be back on the new season of Teen Mom. Despite outcry from fans and even her cast mates, Farrah doesn’t plan to do anything differently.

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