Kinkiest City In America? Hurt Me, Hurt Me, Please Tell!

What is the Kinkiest City In America?

Let’s see, somewhere in Florida? Nope. San Francisco? Nope. Intercourse, Pennsylvania? No. Somewhere in the Midwest that you’d never suspect? Nope, wrong again.

But it is a city many probably wouldn’t suspect as America’s kinkiest city. So, to avoid prolonging the pain, anguish, and anticipation of finding out what the kinkiest city in America is, without further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen, please give a warm and hearty congratulatory spank on the rear to America’s kinkiest city: Portland, Oregon.

Yes, you heard correctly. Portland, Oregon, has been found to be America’s kinkiest city, and for good reason, reports the Huffington Post.

The quest to find out what city was the kinkiest in America was taken on by none other than Kink University, one part of an organization that seeks to bring alternative sexuality out of the shadows in cities such as Portland using public outreach, online resources and even real-life workshops.

But to ultimately find Portland as America’s kinkiest city, the researchers from Kink explored the BDSM, fetish and polyamorous communities of America’s largest cities. The inquiring folks at Kink University then established four metrics for their study to find the kinkiest city in America, which include, “the total size of the kink-identified population, the size of the population relative to the city’s size, the number of resources available for kink-identified people, and the adult entertainment purchases in each city.”

So how did Portland end up at the top of the list?

Well, while not as kinky as Portland, New York, Boston and San Francisco all made pretty solid runs for the America’s kinkiest city title. But Portland took the prize by having the biggest population of “kink-identified people,” with 3.99 percent of those who call Portland home identifying themselves as such.

But San Francisco, which many probably assume was a no-brainer as America’s kinkiest city, followed right on the kinky heals of Portland for second place. Mike Stabile, a spokesperson for Kink University, cited San Francisco’s rising housing costs and the bay area “tech boom” as playing key roles in Frisco losing some of its kink to the now kinkier Portland people.

“San Francisco is usually seen as the center of kink-life in the United States, but rising housing costs resulting from the tech boom seem to have pushed the community northward.”

Along with Portland, America’s other top 10 kinkiest cities are listed below, and Kink University has also provided more in-depth analysis behind how each city achieved their kinky badge of honor.

Again, congratulations to Portland and all of America’s kinkiest cities.

#10: Las Vegas

#9: Philadelphia

#8: Boston

#7: Seattle


#6: Los Angeles

#5: Washington D.C.

#4: Chicago

#3: New York

#2: San Francisco

#1: Portland!

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