Chrissy Teigen Burns Vagina With Peppers, Bathes In Milk, And Visits The Hospital [Video]

Chrissy Teigen thought that she would be unable to have kids after an incident that involved pepper juice and her lady bits. And no, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and husband John Legend weren’t getting kinky by creatively using spicy foods in the bedroom – Chrissy simply made a rookie cooking mistake after slicing and cleaning out a few jalapeños.

According to Access Hollywood, Chrissy Teigen told her fans that she forgot to wash her hands after she finished prepping the peppers for a crazy culinary creation that also called for crushed-up cheese crackers. She hopped in the shower with pepper juice all over her hands, and she was in for a painful surprise when she started touching her body with her fiery fingers. It’s safe to assume that her Golden Globes “cry face” made an appearance during her shower.

Chrissy Teigen’s ER punch card joke is a reference to the trip she took to the hospital on Thursday, January 22. According to ET Online, the model revealed that she “cracked a foot bone” while filming Spike TV’s Lip Sync Battle. Teigen didn’t reveal how she sustained the injury, but she did share a sexy selfie from her hospital room.

Obviously Chrissy’s injury wasn’t bad enough to keep her away from the kitchen, but she probably wished that it had been after getting pepper juice on her vagina. Teigen tried to describe what a pepper bath feels like.

Somewhere Katie Cassidy was probably having a good laugh at Chrissy’s expense.

Luckily, a few of Chrissy Teigen’s helpful Twitter followers informed her that a milk bath would soothe her singed skin. This home remedy was actually featured on an episode of Mythbusters. Kari, Grant and Tory didn’t rub pepper juice on their bodies, but they did find out that milk is the best chaser for a super-spicy meal. According to Discovery, the casein in milk binds to the hot capsaicin oil in peppers and washes it away.

Chrissy did an experiment of her own by pouring milk all over her body, and she shared an Instagram video of her milk bath. Teigen is definitely making her infamous cry face at the beginning of the video below, but the milk works surprisingly fast.

Maybe Chrissy Teigen should take a break from cooking and learn how to make her own yogurt soap — or she could just start wearing gloves whenever she handles jalapeños. Have you ever experienced Teigen’s painful problem after cooking with hot peppers? If so, what did you do to soothe your skin?

[Image credit: Eric Ray Davidson/Cosmopolitan]