Jeff Bridges — Keeper Of Sleep And Feeder Of Hungry Children [Video]

I love Jeff Bridges. I always have. I think my favorite role Jeff ever played was that of Rupert in Kiss Me Goodbye. The movie also starred Sally Field. Bridges and Field had amazing chemistry in the romantic comedy, and I’ve watched it countless times over the years. So I was pleased to see Jeff Bridges take part in the Super Bowl ads, not only to benefit himself, but also in support of hungry children.

Jeff Bridges has created soothing sleep-aid tapes entitled Dreaming with Jeff. Many of the songs begin with Bridges speaking in a soft, conversational tone, similar to the manner in which we talk to our children at bedtime. Jeff Bridges has a deep voice that has done him credit in his acting, and I’d venture to say it’s even more effective in this venue. The rich tone flows through the air in a soothing cascade of peace. As I’m writing this, I’m listening to Dreaming with Jeff online, watching my little boy struggle to keep his eyes open. The soft snores I hear from time to time tell me he’s losing the battle.

I like to listen to soft music on those stressful days that seem to never want to end. Waterfalls, birds singing, softly falling rain — none of these go-to relaxers can hold a candle to the peace that surrounds me when I hear the Bridges “lullaby” tracks. A dash of comforting lavender, hot cup of tea, and a cozy couch to accompany this music will surely wash away the problems of the day. See a sneak peek below.

You can click here to listen to the songs or purchase items which include a CD, a box set signed by Jeff Bridges, a standard edition, and specialty editions. Dreaming with Jeff is even available on cassette. That’s almost unheard of these days. The entire album may also be downloaded. There is no set price for the digital download, just a donation of your own choosing. We are all used to the supporters of many charities who offer something like “a portion of the proceeds of each item goes to (insert charity here)”. Not so with Dreaming with Jeff. For each product sold, 100 percent of the entire retail price is donated directly to No Kid Hungry. Watch the video with Jeff Bridges about No Kid Hungry.


The Huffington Post reports that a partnership with Jeff Bridges, Squarespace, Wieden+Kennedy, and Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign is responsible for this unique fundraiser. No Kid Hungry sponsors kids in America all year long, not just during the school year. This quote from their website says it all.

“In classrooms, in neighborhoods and at kitchen tables all across the country, people are coming together to make sure that kids have the healthy meals they need, in school and out.”

So help yourself and your family to the soothing sounds of Jeff Bridges, and feed hungry children in the process.

[Image via Otago Daily Times]