Homeless Man With A Love Of Reading Receives A Kindle With Over 300 Books From Kind Stranger

A kind traveler was on a business trip in Las Vegas when he noticed a homeless man reading a tattered old book. He struck up a conversation with the man and found out that he loved to read but only had the one book. Therefore, the good Samaritan took it upon himself to give the man his own Kindle so that his love of reading could be fostered further.

The Huffington Post reports that the good Samaritan from San Diego, who wishes to remain anonymous, was traveling for business to Las Vegas. As he was walking down the street, he frequently passed a homeless man. Each time he passed the man, he was reading the same worn out book. The book caught the travelers interest, so he sparked a conversation with the homeless man, named Paul.

Paul said he loved to read but had been reading the same book over and over for a while.

“I just asked him if he liked to read. He said he loved to but that he had been reading that one book over and over for a while now.”

The businessman remembered that he had his Kindle in his bag and decided to give it to Paul. He spent some time showing Paul how to work the device and noted that he really seemed to enjoy it. The Kindle came stocked with over 300 books, so Paul won’t have to repeat any for a while.

“It brought me a lot of joy to see someone getting so much from something that I gave them. It feels so good to see someone get so much for something I took for granted.”


After giving Paul the Kindle, the man snapped a quick photo. Once he returned home, he uploaded the photo to Reddit, where it went viral.

Homeless man with Kindle
Photo of Paul with his new Kindle.

The Daily Mail says that the good Samaritan wanted to be sure that Paul always had new reading material. Therefore, he gave Paul an address where he could send the device, cash on delivery, should he need more reading material. The anonymous Kindle donor says he hopes this little act can inspire others to do something similar.

“If I can keep someone from going hungry for a day or brighten their day/life up in any way, I always try to do my best. I’m also hoping that by sharing this, I will encourage others to do something kind as well.”