Guy Trapped Under Speeding Train Barely Makes Escape, Shocking Footage Goes Viral [Video]

Warning: The footage contains explicit language that may be offensive to some viewers.

A shocking video of one guy’s daredevil stunt is now circulating around several social media sites. The one-minute, jaw-dropping clip has left many viewers speechless because it’s definitely something you’d only see in a movie. While the origin of the footage is unknown, it has been reported that the incident, which was filmed back in 2012, occurred in America.

According to Mail Online, two viewers posted comments in reference to the reason behind the extremely risky stunt. One insisted the two guys had been train-hopping around the world while another explained the guy got stuck crossing the track after a fishing trip. Regardless of how the incident occurred, it’s quite obvious he barely escaped unscathed.

The video starts out with the guy laying in the middle of a train track while the train speeds over. It has been reported that one of his friends filmed the stunt with a smartphone. It’s quite obvious that the guy filming the stunt is extremely close to the train. The guy under the train does not appear to be too worried, even though the chances of a successful escape are bleak. But, as time passes, he finally began panicking.

“You’re f—ed,” the guy filming says.

“I know I’m gonna die,” the trapped guy replied.

“I f—ing imagine you’re going to die you’re underneath the f—ing train,” the other guy replied.

After several attempts, the guy manages to throw his duffle bag between the moving wheels as the train continues to pass. But, unfortunately, the guy still remains trapped for quite some time. He continued to wait for a few moments, then decided to make an escape. However, the way he chose to escape has left many quite puzzled. Instead of simply waiting for the train to pass, he chose to find an opening between the wheels in order to make his escape.


While some viewers praised the guy for executing the stunt with such expertise, others condemned his disregard for his life because its quite obvious that he could have been killed. A train inspector also commented on the footage via YouTube and revealed a number of reasons why the stunt could have been fatal.

“My heart leapt. Better than those standing on top of a skyscaper photos.”

“Yeah, don’t wait for the train to finish passing or anything, go in between cars so you can get severed in half or get your head smashed like a grape.”

“I’m a train inspector for a Class 1 Railroad and this video makes me cringe so f—ing bad! A lot of freight cars can have missing pins or even defective brake beams that cause the brake rigging to hang very very low. This kid has no f—ing idea how lucky he was to not die or lose any limbs on his body. The kid filming was also right next to an adjacent railroad track that was live, meaning the kid filming could have been hit by another train. All in all a horrible situation that should never have happened.”

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[Image via YouTube]