Basil Ramadan: Elderly Iraqi Man Kills Seven ISIS Militants To Avenge Son’s Death

An elderly Iraqi man named Basil Ramadan reportedly went on a vengeance spree when ISIS militants murdered his son, opening fire on the terrorists and killing seven terrorists before they finally gunned him down.

The incident reportedly took place in the city of Tikrit, a contested area taken over by ISIS during the group’s march across Iraq. Ramadan, whose son was reportedly killed by ISIS militants in Iraq’s northern province of Salahudin, opened fire with his AK-47 at an ISIS checkpoint.

The elderly man reportedly killed seven ISIS militants before they were able to return fire, killing him.

A source said that Ramadan’s son, Ahmed, was a college student executed along with seven other men who were accused of working with Iraqi security forces.

This is not the first time that an individual has stood up against ISIS in Iraq despite being greatly outnumbered. Last year, a Kurdish soldier named Arin Mirkan was surrounding by ISIS troops in the contested city of Kobane. With militants moving in on her, Mirkan reportedly set off an explosive device and killed a number of ISIS members.


Officials in the area believe it was the first time a Kurdish soldier carried out a suicide bombing against ISIS, which has used the tactic many times in the past.

In November, a handful of members of the Syrian free army reportedly disguised themselves as cooks and infiltrated an ISIS camp, where they put poison into the food. The poisoning left 12 people dead, the Mirror reported.

A similar incident happened earlier in the year, with an individual in Iraq reportedly sneaking poison into tea served to members of ISIS stationed in the region. The incident reportedly showed the level of disdain that local people had for ISIS, as poisoning is seen as a deep sign of disrespect and looked down on even in times of war.

The attack that left seven ISIS militants dead was not the first time that Basil Ramadan was stung by terrorist groups. In 2007, another son was killed by the al-Qaeda group operating in Iraq.