Woman Gives Away Newborn In Walmart Parking Lot: Couple Handed Baby Covered In Amniotic Fluid [Video]

Heather Tooley

A woman gave away a newborn baby to a couple in a Walmart parking lot at the Lakewood, Colorado, location.

9 News reports that West Metro Fire Station 1 received the baby girl after the couple took her to their drop-off location at West 14th Avenue and Lamar Street. The fire department adds that the infant was still covered in amniotic fluid. Everything unfolded around 8:15 a.m. on Tuesday, according to the report.

Cody Beinlich, of West Metro Fire, explains what condition firefighters discovered the baby in.

"This is the first time for any of us at this station to receive a newborn child. The child didn't look like it had been completely cleaned off, like still had some amniotic fluid dried on."

The couple who were given the baby told authorities that the woman said she didn't want her.

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Colorado has a Safe Haven for Newborns Law, which means a parent can drop off a baby at a hospital or fire station within 72 hours after birth without being prosecuted. Executive Director of Colorado Safe Haven for Newborns Law, Linda Prodhomme, says the newborn given away at Walmart doesn't fall into this category because there isn't a way to prove who her mother is. Steve Davis of Lakewood Police Department says the mother could be criminally charged if it was actually she who put the child in the hands of strangers.

"If a parent handed over the child to total strangers and they took it to a fire station, then the parent could be charged criminally," Davis says.

Police are in the process of reviewing surveillance video to learn more about what happened. They also want to confirm that the stories they've been told check out.

Thirty-five babies have been dropped off since it began in 2000.

The Inquisitr has a lot of news stories that revolve around mothers who don't want their newborns after giving birth. Unfortunately, many of them abandon them or dispose of them. Some infants, such as the one in this story, are rescued and live to tell about it when they meet up with the person who saved their life.

Police are eager to find the woman who gave away the newborn in a Walmart parking lot so they can piece together what transpired that day.

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