New 'Human Ken Doll' Spends $250,000 On Plastic Surgery, Says He's Just A 'Perfectionist' [Photos]

Samantha Kilgore

Rodrigo Alves is now being called the new "Human Ken Doll" after spending more than $250,000 on elective plastic surgery, all in an effort to pursue perfection.

Alves is a 31-year-old flight attendant, born in Brazil but who currently lives in London. He has undergone an astounding total of 20 cosmetic procedures this far, including a nose job, several rounds of liposuction, implants for both his pecs and abdomen, calf-shaping, and botox fillers. Recently, he had a six-in-one cosmetic surgery that included an eye augmentation and a gruesome procedure that cut his mouth in order to make his smile bigger.

Alves has had all of this, plus plans for future surgeries, despite the fact that one procedure nearly killed him. When a Brazilian doctor injected Alves' arms with a silicone gel in order to give them a more muscular appearance, he contracted a major infection that left him paralyzed for a time. In fact, at one point the doctors believed they would have to amputate his arm, and Alves was told that if the infection had reached his heart, he would have died.

But Alves is a perfectionist, and he's not going to let a little thing like a minor brush with death stop him from striving for it.

"It's a long process," he said in an interview with the Daily Mail. "It is long-term maintenance. Once you start, it is difficult to stop. Naturally, I'm a perfectionist. It's like a snowball effect and I'm not going to stop. It doesn't define the man that I am - I'm much more than silicone and cosmetic surgery - but once you get started it's difficult to stop."

Check out the photo gallery below to see both before and after pictures of the new human Ken Doll.

After spending more than a quarter of a million dollars of his own savings, Rodrigo Alves doesn't mind being dubbed the "new Human Ken Doll." (Yes, there have been others -- two, to be exact, but Alves has reportedly spent more than Ken Doll One and Ken Doll Two combined.) The new nickname doesn't bother Alves at all, and he has actually used it himself several times on social media accounts.

Alves admits that plastic surgery can become addicting -- he himself became "hooked" after his first procedure went well and left him with a nose that he liked a lot better than the one he had been born with. But, at the end of the day, Alves doesn't have any regrets about the lengths he has taken to alter his physical appearance.

"I'm pretty aware that I'm far from perfection. I'm not deluded, and I know that I'm not the most good-looking guy. I'm just aiming to be the best that I can possibly be. I really believe that everything that I've done to myself is an investment... It is who I am."

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[Images via People, Huffington Post, Daily Mail]