‘Human Ken’ Justin Jedlica Isn’t A Big Fan Of ‘Real Life Barbie’ Valeria Lukyanova

Todd Rigney - Author

Apr. 16 2014, Updated 9:57 a.m. ET

“Human Ken” Justin Jedlica isn’t overly impressed with the efforts of “Real Life Barbie” Valeria Lukyanova. In fact, he believes she’s nothing more than an “illusionist.”

In a perfect world, you’d like Human Ken would have a thing for the real-life version of the popular doll. Unfortunately, the guy feels she isn’t completely dedicated to transforming herself into a flesh-and-blood Barbie.

Jedlica revealed his disdain for Lukyanova during a recent interview with the folks at Daily Beast. In addition to discussing his private parts — he apparently has no plans to cut off his penis anytime soon — Human Ken took a moment to talk about what’s wrong with Real Life Barbie.

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“I hate that people compare us, because she’s putting on the illusion of a mannequin. It is a little bit weird that she’s trying to be stoic, emotionless. She’s puts her hand in the position of mitts and walks around in these tiny baby steps and blinks her eyes. She has these doll-like contacts in and extensions in her hair,” Human Ken explained.

He added, “How she became famous is all a complete lie and no one seems to realize it. And not that it matters, but everybody keeps putting her back in the headlines. Basically, when she became famous—she told me when we talked on Facebook—she was a composer. I don’t know if that means she wrote music or was a DJ, because there was a bit of a language barrier, obviously.”

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Jedlica suggested that Real Life Barbie told a “little white lie” by spreading the word that she’d paid upwards of £600,000 to look like the doll. Human Ken, who has transformed his obsession into a full-time job, has reportedly spent $170,000 to-date on “149 cosmetic procedures” to look like his namesake.

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Since Justin believes that Lukyanova is simply a “little girl dressing like a doll,” he doesn’t feel she deserves the sort of attention the media is giving her these days. In his humble opinion, her entire situation is “shady.”

“If all it takes for you to be a plastic surgery celebrity is tracks in your hair, colored contacts, and breast implants, then three-quarters of the women in L.A. should be famous. Like what is the big freaking deal? And now I feel like she’s kind of hanging onto straws with these retarded articles about her living on air and light,” he explained.

Folks who are eager to learn more about Human Ken and his desire to become the real-life version of the famous doll should swing by Daily Beast to read the entire interview. It’s certainly worth checking out.

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