Florida Woman Drowns Puppy In Airport Rest Room, Nebraska Police Say

Florida woman Cynthia Anderson was arrested for drowning a puppy in an airport rest room in Nebraska. After being released on bail, Anderson, 56, was arrested once again when local authorities discovered an outstanding felony theft warrant issued for her in Florida.

Cynthia Anderson allegedly drowned her two-week-old puppy after being told she could not board the plane with the young Doberman. The Florida woman is currently facing animal cruelty charges in Nebraska.

Anderson reportedly arrived at the Nebraska airport with five dogs. She was on her way back to her home in Edgewater, Florida. Airport officials would not grant her access to the plane after stating that federal aviation rules require dogs to be at least eight-weeks-old in order to fly.

Cynthia Anderson reportedly returned to the airport the following day with only two older dogs that were housed in approved kennels. When Nebraska airport officials examined the dogs, kennels, and luggage more closely, they found that the Florida woman was attempting to sneak a young Doberman puppy on board the plane in her luggage.

Nebraska police say witnesses at the airport saw Cynthia Anderson go into the restroom with the Doberman puppy and exit without the young dog. A passenger ultimately found the Doberman puppy in a toilet. It was determined that the cause of the puppy’s death was drowning.

All of Cynthia Anderson’s dog have now been taken away from her and placed in the custody of either her parents or the Humane Society. Central Nebraska Humane Society staffer Laurie Dethloff said it will be up to the court if Anderson is tried in Nebraska on the animal cruelty charges before being sent back to Florida to face the pending grand theft charge

“They’re doing great [Anderson’s puppies housed at the facility] They started off a little scared but are adjusting well,” Laurie Dethloff said.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Anderson’s criminal record dates back to 2010 and includes charges ranging from robbery, trespassing, and battery.

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