Sadie Robertson Shares An Inspirational Post, Reminds Fans To Keep The Faith Even In Dark Times

Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson took to Instagram on Friday, July 31 to share an inspirational post and encourage her followers to keep the faith even in dark times. She shared two adorable photos as well as a video clip of her and her husband, Christian Huff, singing a spiritual song.

The first photo included in the post was just of Robertson. The 23-year-old looked stunning in a gray tank top and a baseball cap with a large yellow smiley face. Her white face mask was pulled down and hung around her neck. She wore her blond hair tied back in a ponytail and left a few pieces loose to frame her face. She accessorized with a delicate gold necklace. Robertson beamed at the camera, freckles evident across her nose. She sat in a restaurant booth, a glass of water in front of her.

She also included a sweet video clip in which she explained to the camera that she felt people could really use some words of encouragement. She and Huff together sang the lyrics to the song "Canvas and Clay," which was written by Pat Barrett. The song speaks of faith that the future will work out and discusses trust in God. She also included a sweet snapshot of the couple with their puppy Cabo.

In her caption, Robertson acknowledged that this year has been challenging but expressed hope that all will work together for good. The post racked up 157,000 likes and her many fans took to the comments section to compliment her and share how her message touched them.

"Thanks for sharing. Needed!!! Enjoyed the singing also," one fan wrote.

"Who knew...she could could sing? Really? What can she not do? So blessed by these words. I needed them. Thank you and Him for using y'all to remind me hugs and blessings," gushed another person.

"Wow I love how you two just pray together and are here together in sharing this!" a third user remarked.

"No one in the world inspires me more than you Sadie," declared a fourth admirer.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Robertson has always been outspoken and honest about her Christian faith. She is the author of several books in which she discusses her moral values. She is also the creator of an online community called Live Original. The community is meant to help connect Christian women around the country. She also recently released an extension of the platform -- an app called LO Sister.