NASA Mars Rover Finds New 'Ancient Structure,' Evidence Of 'Intelligent Species' UFOlogist Says

Jonathan Vankin

Once again, the NASA Mars Curiosity Rover has photographed what some alien hunters and UFO researchers believe is firm evidence of ancient life on Mars — and not just life, but an advanced, intelligent civilization.

The thousands of photos sent back to Earth from the surface of the Red Planet from the NASA rover have proven a treasure trove for researchers, littered with what the alien-hunting community interprets as ancient structures that resemble artifacts and buildings of the type found in Earth. Among the numerous "discoveries" so far are an Islamic-style dome, a Christian cross, and even a coffin.

What its alleged ancient builders intended this latest "ancient structure" to be is not quite clear. It appears to look like long shoe box. Whatever it is, the eye of the beholder likely has much to say about it.

Here is the original NASA Mars photo that has UFO researchers excited this week. The "ancient structure" can be seen about one-quarter up from the bottom, slightly right of center.

If you have trouble picking out the structure on this undeniably beautiful shot of the barren Martian landscape, UFO Sightings Daily editor Scott Waring — the man responsible for disseminating most of the recent Mars anomalies — has isolated it and and enhanced the photo, to make seeing this thing, whatever it is, a bit easier.

"This anomaly was found last week on Mars by the rover and it looks to be a long structure with cut off corners in ways only intelligent species could make. This is excellent evidence that life did exist and may still exist on Mars," Waring wrote Friday, on his popular UFO blog. "Why are archaeologist around the globe not searching the NASA Mars archives for these unique discoveries? It seems most archeologist think inside the box."

Of course, whether you believe that this Mars discovery and others are actual, startling evidence, or just a bunch of random rocks, the NASA mission has indeed found signs that could indicate the presence of ancient life in Mars — not exactly advanced civilizations, but microbes.

Photos such as this one, taken by the Rover earlier this month, seem to show formations of sediment that display tell-tale signs of fossilized microbial colonies, according to some biologists.

NASA Mars Rover photo

Not quote as exciting as ancient domes and crosses, but nonetheless, the NASA Mars rover photos do at least offer some support for the belief that life may have existed on Mars, whether it is still there today or not.