Jayanthi Natarajan ‘Found Her Conscience’

Jayanthi Natarajan is separating herself from the Congress party of India, and by separating, I mean putting a deep chasm between herself and her previous party.

Ms. Natarajan, former union minister of state for Environments and Forests and party member for 30 years, has faced accusations of corruption from Prime Minister and head of the BJP, Narendra Modi, but is now leaving the Congress party because of corruption.

According to Indian Express, Natarajan, announced her resignation at a formal press conference today.

Natarajan stated, “The Congress and the values that it stands for is not the same when I joined. The time has come for me to rethink about my association with the party.”

But that wasn’t all Natarajan had to say about her former party and its leader. Natarajan explained more in a letter meant for Congress president Sonia Gandhi that ended up being published in the Hindu.

According to NDTV, the former Congress party member remarked that “an atmosphere of lies and suffocation” has taken over the Congress. She also slammed Rahul Gandhi, one of the top members of the party.

Natarajan accused Gandhi, saying he “seemed to blame her for stalling progress and development,” and also “his associates planted stories in the media to counter the party line that when she was asked to resign as minister in December 2013.”

Natarajan also claimed in her letter that she had been “wrongly vilified” and “defamed” by members of her own party causing her “mental agony.”

So now that she has left Congress, is it possible that Natarajan will be making the move to the BJP?

According to Siddharth Varadarajan of NDTV, although Natarajan has “found her conscience“, most likely that will not happen.

Narendra Modi and the BJP, though, are happy to use Natarajan’s letter as evidence to be levied against the opposing party.

In the past, Prime Minister Modi has charged “that Jayanthi Natarajan levied (and presumably pocketed) a ‘tax’ from companies in order to clear their projects.”

The BJP is hoping that Natarajan will face the Central Bureau of Investigation along with her former party.

Has Congress responded to all of these accusations?

Natarajan met with BJP officials before resigning her position in the Congress party, causing more accusations to be flung at Natarajan.

It is the hope that with news of Jayanthi Natarajan resigning, the clean up of the Indian government can continue.

[Photo Courtesy of The Hindu]