Florida Couple Brought Child To Kill Parents’ Dog, Burglary Staged As Cover-up

A couple in Florida have been accused by authorities of burglarizing a Tarpon Springs home, stealing an iPad in a plot to cover-up killing the family dog.

The alleged burglars, 34-year-old Daniel Adams and 28-year-old Lauren Curran, also brought their child on their crime spree, which was perpetrated against Daniel’s parents, Alan and Laura Adams.

Detectives indicated that Daniel and Laura, who are both residents of Dunedin, Florida, drove to Daniel’s parents home in Tarpon Springs with their child to kill the family’s 4-year-old Labrador Retriever, named Daisy, Local 10 reported.

Deputies were called to the home on Wednesday night to report to a burglary at the Adams’ home, where Alan and Laura told deputies that their home had been robbed, their iPad stolen, and their dog killed.

Daniel Adams and his girlfriend Lauren were arrested by authorities on Wednesday on charges of animal cruelty, burglary, and child neglect.

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office indicated that detectives had determined the victims’ son, Daniel Adams, and Curran were behind the crimes after Daniel admitted during questioning that he and his girlfriend had driven to his parents house to kill their dog.

The dog killing couple claims they slew the canine because they felt as if it posed a threat to their child’s safety and that of their own dog, WFTS-TV Tampa reported.

In related dog killing news in Florida, Inquisitr reported that a woman drowned her Doberman puppy in an airport toilet because the pup, which was hidden in her luggage, was too young to fly. After drowning the puppy in the bathroom, it was discovered dead in a toilet by another traveler. The Central Nebraska Humane Society performed an autopsy which determined that the 2-week-old Doberman’s cause of death was drowning.

The alleged criminals claim they killed the dog with an “intravenous needle filled with an unknown medication” and that they stole the family’s Apple iPad in order to make Daniel’s parents “think someone else had committed the crime.”

WTSP reported that deputies had said that the suspects felt as if Daisy was dangerous because it had previously nipped at one of their dogs and that their son was afraid that it would bite them.

A sheriff’s spokesperson told ABC Action News that there was no evidence to support the couple’s claim that Daisy was dangerous, WPTV reported.

What do you think of this couple, Daniels Adams and Lauren Curran, who brought their child along to kill Adams’ parents family dog through a lethal injection of an “unknown medication,” and what do you think that medication was?

[Images via PCSO]