Roxanne Rimer: Handcuffed Woman Steals Police Car, Drives Away As Officers Watch In Disbelief [Video]

Roxanne Rimer, a 27-year-old Pennsylvania woman, might just be the bravest female robber you might ever come across. Roxanne, who was arrested by two Center Township Police Officers for an alleged shoplifting incident had the audacity to steal the very police car in which she was sitting — while she was handcuffed inside the vehicle.

According to CBS News, Roxanne was taken into custody by officers at a Kohl’s department store where she had allegedly tried to shoplift. After her attempt, Roxanne pushed over a security guard manning the store and ran towards her grandfather’s car. However, he refused to leave with Roxanne inside the car. However, Roxanne forcibly stepped on the accelerator and made her grandfather drive the vehicle. By this time, a police cruiser was on the chase. They were finally able to nab Roxanne, handcuff her and made her to sit at the back of the police car. Normally, every cop chase should have ended there. Not with Roxanne, though.

Roxanne was somehow able to slip through the police vehicle’s plexiglass partition and incredibly managed to drive the car off, even as officers checked on her grandfather’s car, says Sky News. Note that Roxanne was handcuffed and had her hands tied to her back when she did this. Officers were dumbfounded to see their car being stolen by a robber they had just nabbed. The dashcam aboard the car was able to capture the footage as Roxanne drove the stolen police car at over 100 miles an hour.

Upon hearing about the incident, Center Township Police Chief Barry Kramer said the following.

“How can you drive a car with your hands cuffed behind your back?… Most people can’t.”

Kramer, however, does have a theory as to how Roxanne could have drive the car even as she was handcuffed. According to him, she used one or two of her fingers to somehow control the steering wheel, and used her shoulders and feet, as well.

An officer who spotted Roxanne speeding away later said the following.

“She was sort of sideways trying to get the gear shift, and the car departed.”

Meanwhile, the dashcam video recorded on the day has now been released by the police. We have embedded the incredible video above — in full. Roxanne drove nearly 10 miles at 100 miles an hour, weaving through traffic and endangering several other lives in the process.

Roxanne Rimer, handcuffed woman steals police car

After she was finally caught, Roxanne Rimer was arrested again. Police also recovered heroin needles on her person. She now faces several serious charges — including including possession of drug paraphernalia.

This is not the first time someone has tried to flee in a police car after they were handcuffed. Back in 2013, the Inquisitr had reported about the case of Anthony Fox, a 26-year-old man who did the same thing and was arrested later.

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