UFC: CM Punk In MMA? Bill Goldberg Not Certain, Royce Gracie Says Punk Makes A Good ‘Add-On’

MMA fans tend to be in total disagreement over CM Punk’s UFC future, with many either hating or loving the idea. But when Bill Goldberg and UFC Hall of Famer Royce Gracie were asked to give their opinion, they were honest, saying there’s no telling how well CM Punk will do in the Octagon.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, if “Stone Cold” Steve Austin were to ever return, he says he wants to face off against CM Punk in the WWE. CM Punk also admitted during UFC 182 that it is possible his wife, AJ Lee, could transition to UFC and away from the WWE Divas.

No one knows for certain how well CM Punk will do in the MMA world, but Bill Goldberg points out that from a purely marketing perspective, the signing of the former WWE champion was “a great PR move for the UFC.” When it comes to the actual fights, Goldberg essentially is taking a wait and see approach.

“I mean, I think anybody can be successful if they take the proper route prior to stepping in that cage,” Goldberg said, according to Submission Radio.

“I’m not going to pass judgment on anyone until I know 100 percent of their background, until I watch what they’re doing. I want to see what his stand up is like.”

Royce Gracie appeared on Submission Radio recently and was also asked about his thoughts about CM Punk’s chances in the MMA world.

“I haven’t had a chance to train with him yet, but it’s controversial. Everybody is like, ‘A lot of people are upset with him jumping from WWE to MMA.’ Man, MMA is for everybody. You want to try out? Go ahead. If you’re not ready, it’s not going to be a good way to make a living. Because he’s gonna get punched in the face for real. If he’s going to be good or not, time will tell. He might be awesome at it. He might be one of those talented guys.”

CM Punk has no competitive background in MMA, and despite training in karate and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, he’s never had a competition. Despite the wrestler having the longest modern reign as a wrestling champion, Gracie does not think CM Punk will be able to take on any UFC champion any time soon.

“You see, with a little bit of training he could go on and be good, be an add-on to the MMA shows. But if he’s not ready, man the guys will hit him for real and they’ll punch him in the face for real. But I’m in favor of anybody; should try out. For you to try, you gotta get ready.”

For his part, CM Punk claims he won’t run once he faces the inevitable punch in the nose. The former WWE superstar even tried giving Brock Lesnar MMA advice, claiming the Beast needed to spar more.