‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Would Want CM Punk In Comeback Match

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin has long had to deflect comeback rumors, and listeners of the Steve Austin Show podcast, who’ve been clamoring for a chance to see the Texas Rattlesnake in a WWE wrestling ring one more time, haven’t made it easy on him.

In Thursday’s “Unleashed” edition of the podcast, Austin once again found himself staring down hypotheticals, and this time the question was, what one WWE superstar from the current era would you want to face in a comeback match?

At first, Austin started with the not-so-fresh-faced John Cena and Brock Lesnar, stating that he might pick Cena because “I could take Cena to a place he’s never been” and Lesnar because of “what he brings to the table.”

But as he worked through his thoughts on a “Stone Cold” Steve Austin comeback, he ultimately settled on one guy.

CM Punk.

“I’ve known Punk for a long time. We’re not good friends. We barely know each other, but I have a whole lot of respect for the guy, and I got a chance to learn a little bit more about his background and where he came from. I didn’t know how he got started, some of the dues that he paid working all those indies and having those high-profile matches on the Indy scene with Cabana … and his Samoa Joe matches. But when I started looking at some of the ways he was booked in WWE, I could sense where and why a lot of the frustration come from. But when I watched that documentary [CM Punk: Best In The World], I would have to say, if I was to have another match — man, ‘Stone Cold’ versus CM Punk would probably be the match that I would pick. And I’m not selling the match. I’m just saying, you asked the question and after I saw his documentary — I’ve always respected him and respected his work and his promos — but after seeing that documentary, your answer would be CM Punk.”

While a comeback may be the furthest thing from Austin’s mind — and it’s clearly the furthest thing from CM Punk’s as he gets ready for a MMA career — you’ve got to think the WWE would be all over this in a second.

The company struggled with its stock prices and its WWE Network throughout 2014. It also had to make do with one of the thinnest rosters it’s ever had after numerous injuries sidelined key personnel.

If CM Punk’s UFC career is as short-lived as analysts expect it to be, then he could find himself rethinking the whole “never wrestle again” thing sooner rather than later.

At that point, WWE will know exactly what it takes to get “Stone Cold” Steve Austin back on a wrestling pay-per-view, and if things don’t improve for them in 2015, that’s a match they’ll pour a lot of resources into making happen.

What do you think, readers? Would a “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. CM Punk match be worth the $9.99 a month? And how would you book it?

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