KFC Double Down Dog Is Either The Most Awesome Thing Ever Or The Most Disgusting (Or Maybe Both)

The KFC Double Down Dog has solved the problem for people who want a hot dog but don’t want all that pesky bun in the way — it simply replaces it with even more meat.

The sandwich includes a hot dog covered with cheese and fitted into a piece of fried chicken fashioned into the shape of a bun. The product, which made its debut in select KFC locations in the Philippines, has taken the internet by storm since it was announced.

The internet seemed pretty thrilled at the idea of the KFC Double Down Dog but couldn’t decide it if was awesome or disgusting (some think it’s both).

why hasn’t Obama held a press conference to address the existence of the KFC Double Down Dog yet, what is he hiding from us

— August Osage Turner (@gusturner1) January 26, 2015

The KFC Double Down Dog comes five years after the fast food chain first released the Double Down sandwich, which substituted two pieces of fried chicken for bread.

“Lift up the top breast piece — which surely must be a half-breast cut latitudinally, and find two very thick slices of gummy white cheese (though pleasantly flecked with jalapenos that have some heat), and two picayune slices of bacon — and not bacon of the thick, heavily smoked sort, either,” the Village Voice described. “The chicken itself is stringy and none-too-tender, the taste of the cheese pointedly interferes with the mild chicken flavor, and the bacon is indiscernible if you bite down on the whole thing at once.”

But KFC customers who want to try the Double Down Dog will need to time it just right. The sandwich is only available at a select number of locations, and as the company pointed out on its Facebook page, the number will be limited.

“The all new, outrageously meaty KFC Double Down Dog will be available from January 26-27 only in the KFC stores below—and only 50 pieces will be sold per day! So make sure you don’t miss this legendary sandwich!”

Reports indicated that many of the locations already sold out of the KFC Double Down Dog. Hungry customers in the United States will be out of luck, however. KFC said the Double Down Dog reportedly won’t be added to the menu in the states.