KFC's much anticipated Double Down released, are you man enough?

So, DD Day is here.

Yes, the nationwide release of KFC's widely gabbed about Double Down "sandwich" is upon us, and foodie reviews are streaming in for the breadless monstrosity. So far, none of the critics are to crazy about the creation. Saying the sandwich "cries out for carbs," the Village Voice basically deems the Double Down to be 'meh':

Lift up the top breast piece--which surely must be a half-breast cut latitudinally, and find two very thick slices of gummy white cheese (though pleasantly flecked with jalapenos that have some heat), and two picayune slices of bacon--and not bacon of the thick, heavily smoked sort, either... The chicken itself is stringy and none-too-tender, the taste of the cheese pointedly interferes with the mild chicken flavor, and the bacon is indiscernible if you bite down on the whole thing at once.
Sam Sifton of the New York Times was actually staked out by bloggers while he tried to find a Double Down to evaluate. Not amused, he makes reference in his review to "geek paparazzi (who) lurked anonymously in the bushes to watch and document the tasting." Sifton describes the sandwich snobbily, clearly displeased with having to eat plebe food with the unwashed masses:
The "Double Down," however, arrives at a new low: a greasy entree dish of chicken with bacon and cheese on it, slathered in sauce, that the company asks customers to eat with their hands. The chicken is watery within its soft casing of "crust," the cheese familiar to anyone who has eaten food prepared by the United States government, the bacon chemical in its smokiness, the mayonnaise sauce tangy, salty, and sweet, all at once.
So if your dining out budget is more Popeye's than Per Se, are you going to try the Double Down?